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I'm going nuts

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by OldSkoO1, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. OldSkoO1


    Nov 27, 2004
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    I've always been happy with those hi-fi's and surround sounds that you mainly see in your local shops. What you think is good quality, like Sony, Denon techniques etc. I never really thought there would be huge amounts of difference until hearing a friends B&O setup.

    Having said that im pondering on my system building now. Im a little lost i guess....

    Lots of people say you need to match your system well; compliment it nicely with a good balance of equipment.

    I dont want lots of units in my living room, i dont want big wooden boxey speakers but above all i do want really good quality crisp sound for both music and movies. I'd like the crisp, warm fulfilled sound i got from the B&O stuff i heard. I think i'm asking a lot but im sure its possible.

    So far im thinking of...

    Denon AVR-2805
    Denon DVD-2910
    B&W MT-30

    By these laws of balancing AV stuff is this going to achieve my requirements for highest quality music and movies in one solution? Thing is im building around the speakers the most as i like the design and size but haven't had a demo yet! I hope they are good for both needs as they seem so small.

    Only other option is

    ARCAM AVR-250
    Denon DVD-2910
    B&W MT-30

    I'm in a pickle because i dont know if the speakers are good enough for the amp or vise versa or the dvd is good at HDMI and able to play cd's as good as a seperate or whether is goes with the amp etc etc. This last month has definatly been interesting!! All's i know is music really does sound like music on good qualiy kit, theres a whole new dimension to enjoy!

    What do you think of my requirements and proposed kit? I could do with some expert guidance! :D

    My budget is flexible loosley based around my kit list above really. I know very little about this type of kit so im probably not going to require an enthusiasts approach if you see what i mean :)


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