I'm getting FREE SKY - whats the deal, what should i do?


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This doesnt happen every day, but I'm getting free sky and have been since Januray!!!:smashin:

OK, its only the £21 a month subscription, but i'm not getting charged for it.:rotfl:

This is what happened.:cool:

In January i moved house and rang to cancel sky as i was going to get a new subscription once i moved house so i got a new box etc.

The guy on the phone said if you stay with us we will install your current sky for you free of charge at your new house.

So i agreed.

A week or so after moving in, sky came and installed my sky for me free of charge.:clap:

I turned my box on and i am getting all the channels i did before i moved. bingo!

So far i was under the impression i was still paying by direct debit to sky...

i have been watching sky every day since January.

A few days ago I decided i wanted to get sky hd on this half price employee offer they are doing as my sister works for one of the companies connected to it. So we rang up to upgrade to sky hd.

Everything was going well and an installation date was set....then the guy on the phone said.......

"it appears this account is no longer active, it will need to be re-activated before i can proceed":suicide:

Despite us telling him it was activated, he assured us that it wasn't....:rolleyes: ...so

He then attempted to reactivate the account. Then he said he was getting an error when trying to reactivate and would have to send an email to I.T. and we should call back in a couple of days.

SO....my account was no longer active....but i am still getting sky.

I rang my bank and sure enough, sky havent taken a penny since january.

NOW, many of you may think i was silly to do this, but i have watched too many eppisodes of 'My name is Earl' not to believe in karma and to always do the right thing.

So i rang up sky to enquire. After being past from one call center to the other, i finally spoke to this guy who confirmed the account was no longer active and according to the system my sky should not be working and giving me subscription channels.....even though it is.

So i asked him, if you dont make a record of this, and i keep my mouth shut, will i continue to keep receiving sky free of charge.


I then asked if there was a chance of me recieving a massive bill at some point back dated to january.

HE SAID NOT A CHANCE!!:clap: He said my account is inactive and nothing is being recorded against it so i will never receive a bill. He said the only thing that may happen is i may at some point stop receiving sky, but for now im getting it for free.

Has anyone experienced this?

Shall i upgrade to HD or keep getting free sky....i really only wanted hd for the free sky plus....but i can use my media center to record stuff on..... so really dont need it that badly

Advice please!!




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You could sell your Sky card and Digibox for quite a lot of money - except you couldn't do it openly. But someone overseas would probably pay you £400 a year until the card stops working.

Naturally that wouldn't be legal so it's up to your conscience!


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mate I've had the same thing free for 6 months i put it on here last month ,,, and hey presto sky try to take out 54 pounds 2 weeks later ,,,,mmmmmm
rang sky they were blagging me saying its been turned on so someone must have watched it in the end the guy was so obnoxious threatening me with a debt agency i asked to be cancelled immediately . well ive not paid yet stopped direct debit and still got sky + so ill wait and see ,
i am thinking of going to virgin for there tv broadband and phone any way so its no loss , just count your blessings and remember sky MUST read this forum a lot so if u getting it .. shhuuuush :smashin:


actually its up to you - sky + is brilliant and i bet its far easier than using a computer but i would have thought you would have to have your account re-enabled to get the functionality - so you would end up paying £31 a month compared to your free now

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