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The more I read, the worse it get's.Could somebody tell me in laymans terms what the difference is between a HD plasma and a HD dlp.As far as i can tell, the plasma is usually pricier because (and I know this isn't always the case) the picture is better.Is it that simple or am I missing something here? :lease:


Plasma is direct view, 3 or 4 inches thick.

DLP is rear projection & large by comparison. Certainly not "hang on the wall" friendly :D .

That's a start for you anyway ;).



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HD is a standard for displays that have a higher resolution and therefore a better picture is achievable. If there are enough pixels on display it is deemed to be high definition.

Plasma and DLP are display technologies. They show the picture in different ways and both have different pro's and con's. (Price has less to do with PQ than market forces IMO.)

If HD is a pint then plasma is a tankard and DLP is a milk bottle.


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Thanks guys.I think the difference ultimately will come down to my eyes as there doesn't appear to be a clear cut winner between the two camps.I'm looking to spend around £1500 for a 42".I think i'm right by saying I've probably got more choice in the dlp range than the plasma route in this price range but i've got to see for myself. Would that be a fair assessment :confused:

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