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I'm considering going from 5.1 to 2. Is this silly?


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I've got a 5.1 setup at moment. Nothing that great, but not rubbish. I'm moving house and planning on getting a projector in a very large room, and possibly replace the system too. I watch 70's and 80's films. More 'cult' than big budget. So I very rarely watch anything with surround sound or with explosions or bassy modern music.

So is getting a really good stereo only setup a good idea or not? :thumbsup:


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If their in sterio you can still get surround sound eg pl2 big picture small sound does not add up for me. If i go from tv to projector with sound at same level it sounds quieter. Psycological obviousley.


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To some extent it depends on your budget, and the other uses of the system. Myself and a few others in the Forum get by just fine with a pure stereo system for movies. If you listen to a lot of music, that is one more factor pushing you toward a stereo over a surround sound.

Here is my stereo system -


Yes, admittedly a bit unusual, but I can blow the roof off the place during an action movie, and have clarity for Drama.

Also, consider this, to achieve roughly the same quality, you need a £1750 AV amp to equal a £500 stereo amp.

The same is true of speakers. You can put all your precious money into TWO really Good speakers, or you can spread that same budget out among 6 lesser speakers. One of those six speaker being a very expensive Subwoofer.

Let's assume, as a point of illustration, £1000 speaker budget. We spend $300 on a basic mid-prices Sub. That leaves £700 for the other FIVE speaker, or £140 each. Compare that £140 speaker with the potential £500 each Stereo speakers you can get? Which do you imagine is the better speaker.

My motto is - Better a Good Stereo than a so-so Surround System.

But that's just me. Many people really do like and want Surround Sound. It does create a very enveloping experience. But personally, I choose quality over quantity and gimmicks. But again, that's just my opinion.



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I have stereo speakers in my front lounge, where I watch 95% of all the stuff I view. The setup is absolutely fine for my purposes.

In the back room I have projector and big screen which has a 7.1 system. I use it to watch a few films and documentaries which benefit from the 90" screen. For most of the stuff I watch I'd be almost as well served by stereo as there is often little on the surround speakers. Though by using high front speakers I can get the dialogue coming from the right area of the screen.

If I had a much smaller screen then maybe I wouldn't bother - as I rarely watch blockbusters with dramatic sound effects. :)


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Steve, that is exactly what I was thinking. If I sell my mediocre 5.1 setup, I will be able to afford an excellent stereo setup. I used to have a pair of amazing speakers years ago and the soundstage was incredible, every instrument and sound sounded like it was seperate and really in the room. I watched the Transformers film on my 5.1 system, and it was very impressive, but made me realise that modern big budget films is where surround sound excels and is wasted on my films.


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Good point about the height Diablo, the speakers will really need to be wall mounted to work with the big screen. But, wall mountable speakers aren't gonna be as good as floorstanders. Hmm....


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Good point about the height Diablo, the speakers will really need to be wall mounted to work with the big screen. But, wall mountable speakers aren't gonna be as good as floorstanders. Hmm....
If you get proper standmount speakers which need solid side-clamp brackets and not little wall-mount speakers, then they can be better quality than similarly-priced floorstanders. If you get them and find that you miss the bass extension, you can always add a sub for 2.1. (and that's coming from a floorstander user!)


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Here's the before and after with my setup - upgraded the fronts first, then the centre and sub months later. I think Steve runs the Diamond 9.6 as fronts from the looks of his pic, and he has raved about them in the past on many-a-thread. That was partly why i pounced on the 'for sale' advert from Kubby when he sold his 10.7s.

The 10.7's are the slightly bigger versions in the Diamond 10 range compared to the 9.6, but TBH anything towards the far-end of the Diamond 9 or 10 range ought to make a decent fronts upgrade if you go that route. I guess it depends on how much you want to spend, and whether you can get a good deal on them (I think Steve was also lucky with his excellent 9.6 speakers - managing to get their $$$ price reduced quite a bit)



I have to leave the grill on the 10.7s because the silver surrounds are a little distracting :laugh:
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Sadly the stand won't re-arrange - the fitment cant be shifted to move the shelf space annoyingly. I've ended up angling the centre upwards so i meets the head-height level of the listener..problem solved for now :smashin:

I need to dismantle the shelving and see if i can jury-rig the fitment to swop shelf space top-for-bottom. Unfortunately i bought the stand before the seperates many years back doh!

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Depends on budget... but there are some reference in wall speakers you can use for your center and then have an acoustically perforated screen... but nothing wrong with going for a decent two channel system to use as like you said the majority of your use will be in stereo... infact you will find you might not even use your big screen as much as you would like... so worth looking at mounting a standard screen behind. All depends what you are after.

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