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I need to run a cable from my Soundblaster Audgiy 2 to my Sony AMp which only has optical inputs. My soundcard only has a digital jack output. Would this product work if i put it on 1 end of a optical cable, and will i get the full range of sound, im not bothered about 5.1

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Yep that adapter should work fine on the end of a TOSlink optical cable. :thumbsup:



Thx Mark, and it £3 i can afford to take the risk. :) Is a 3.5MM Jack the standard size that fits in the back of soundcards etc, or is 3.5mm the big earphone end i can't tell by the pictures?


3.5mm is the smaller plug that will fit most or all soundcards and not the bigger one that you have mentioned.


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Ohhhh so thats what that thing is, i got a few of em withmy optical cables but i didnt know what they were, and to be frank i didnt car enough to go fund out.

Learn something new every day !


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um, i'm not sure thats the right product....

reading the description and looking at it, i think thats simply to convert a toslink connector to a 3.5mm optical connector............far as i know, the 3.5mm jack on the back of the Audigy 2 (which i own and use myslef) only outputs an electrical signal, not an optical older Creative card i had used a 3.5mm optical output to normal toslink (cant remember if it was on the card or the breakout box tho)....

so this thing may not be what you need........i think you need something more along the lines of a signal adaptor box to convert from digital coax to optical......

(my reasons for this? look at the 3.5mm bit, it has a small lens or fibre optic ending on the bit that first goes in to the hole on the soundcard.......this suggests it needs to receive an optical beam from the soundcard........which i dont think the soundcard emits, at least not from the backplate.......i think you might find it would be better to ask this question again on the Creative forums, they have some good helpful people there just like here.....also you could check the full spec on the soundcard with the knowledgebase..........if it turns out this is the case, you might wanna look in to buying the breakout box, if you have a spare slot on your puter where you normally put CD/DVD drives then you can fit it in there, shouldnt cost much for the breakout box now the new X-Fi cards are released.....)

i may be wrong, but its worth checking out with the Creative forums first to save yourself a couple of


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checking another product listed under that one, a 1m Toslink to 3.5mm optical cable for use with things like consoles to amps........

so consoles use 3.5mm optical connectors then?

so i could be right with my above post, this adaptor is so you can for instance use an optical cable you already have and convert it to use with something like a console or anything else that uses 3.5mm.....

but as i said i dont think the 3.5mm socket on backplate of soundcard will output an optical beam in the first place......mebbe im wrong, but like i say, check it out


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sorry i didnt post in time to save you £

i know you can get a coax to optical adaptor, but i dunno how much, prolly gonna be more like £20.......but dont quote me...heh

however, as i said, if you check creatives website, you might be able to buy the breakout box for a similar price and that gives you a bundle of connections (spdif, optical, 1/4in headphone jack, mini-midi in/out...and if i remember correct, the normal toslink optical in/outputs :)


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I agree, product is the wrong one.

You need something to go from 3.5mm-Jack socket to TOSLink Optical.

Pretty certain the 3.5mm jack on the back of the upper creative soundcards is not optical.

Installed dozens of sound cards and always the same.

Guessing you'll need 3.5mm Male to Phono-plug Male. Probably will cost you around £20 for a decent one, but I would expect it to carry bthe multichannel signal I believe.


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