Im Confused With The Component RCA Jacks...Help Pls




I am doing some research on TV's (the electrical type lol). Anyway, I was looking in AV Forums FAQ and came across details relating to a Component Jack - The Link Is Here -

Anyway, going back about a year I bought my TV. It is a Sony Wega - KE-P37M1 37 inch plasma screen (maybe abit bigger). Anyway, I didnt think it was capable of playing HD however that was until coming across the above post!!

It says that the component jacks are capable of carrying HD, my tv has these component Jacks, does that mean my TV is capable of playing HD? For example, I have an Xbox 360, which at the moment is connected to my TV via a scart lead. Also attached to this lead is the 3 wires which clearly would plug into the Component Jacks which are on the back of my TV, but I have dismissed them as I thought my TV was not HD.

I dont understand lol.

I would be really grateful with some help on this, should I plug these 3 component Jacks in to my TV when on my xbox and set my xbox up for HD? Or am I just wishful thinking?

Thanks in advance


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The Sony Wega KE-P37M1 has a native resolution of 852x480, so irrespective of any inputs, it cannot display any High def video. Sorry.

Existance of component inputs is no guarantee of anything - they can carry pretty much whatever the manufacturer wants.



Thanks for that mate.

I was just abit confused, I didnt think my TV was capable of HD its just coming across those jacks made me think twice.

Atleast youve saved me some time trying to get my xbox 360 working on HD when it wasnt possible lol

Thanks again


The TV is probablu HD compatible. It accepts HD but downscales it to the 852 x 480. It can still look great and better than SD due to the higher resolution/bitrate to start with.

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