I'm buying a GC - Best 10 Games?


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Nov 28, 2001
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Just looking for opinions on the 10 best games for GC. Got a PS2 at the moment and looking for something a bit different... Havent kept an eye too close on GC games.

I'm looking at:

1 metroid Prime
2 mario kart
3 timesplitters 2
4 fzero-gx
5 mario sunshine
6 pikmin
7 ikaruga
8 soul caliber 2
9 star wars rebel strike
10 super monkeyball
Here's what you should get:

1. Mario Kart Double Dash!!
2. Soul Calibur 2
3. Zelda The Wind Waker
4. Super Monkey Ball 2
5. Star Wars Rebel Strike
6. Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg
7. Sonic Adventure DX or Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
8. Sonic Heroes
9. Super Smash Bros Melee
10. F Zero GX
11. Timesplitters 2
12. Burnout 1 or 2
13. Super Mario Sunshine
14. Metroid Prime
15. Mario Party 4 or 5
I'd go for rogue leader instead of rebel strike mate, loads better.
Also you should get animal crossing and a resident evil game, all look smart on GC.

IMO mario sunshine is rubbish, get luigi's mansion, or wario world instead.

Rest of the games you have listed are fine!
Ten? That's a bit optimistic.

P.N. 03
Viewtiful Joe
Killer 7
Sonic Mega Collection
Space Raiders
Star Soldier
Super Monkey Ball
Super Monkey Ball 2
Super Monkey Ball 3

That's my Cube wanted list at the moment and it's a bit poor. I have P.N.03 and it's OK, Viewtiful Joe is cool. Ikaruga I have on the DC, Sonic is some old MD games and SMB3 isn't due till the end of the year. And it's highly unlikely Star Soldier will come out over here.

Ikaruga is wonderful though. Soul Calibur 2 is pretty poor, the DC original is far better, the Star Wars games are all graphics and Timesplitters is vastly overrated as a single player game.

All MHO of course.
Metroid Prime
Viewtiful Joe
Resi Evil
Eternal Darkness
Super Monkey Ball 2
Animal Crossing (Import)
Beachspikers (if you have two players)
Mario Kart : DD

Those are the games I would recommend, something to cover everything.
In my order of preference:

F Zero GX
Viewtiful Joe
Metroid Prime
Monkey Ball
Zelda: The Wind Waker
Mario Sunshine
PC Genjin
Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour
Ultimate Muscle

But there at least another 10 that I wanted to include but had to leave out...10 is such an unfair number:(
Viewtiful Joe!? No! Mario Sunshine is okay but not de best! Luigi's Mansion is wicked but I've never played Wario World, any good? Animal Crossing is a defienat YES! I'm gonna get it. If you are, imprt it from this site for about £20. www.dvdsoon.com. Good prices there. I've never played Rebel Strike but I loved Rogue Leader till I got rid of it. Last level was super hard. Might get it again. Pikmin's gotta be kewl cos it came from the crazy mind of Shigsy. Monkey Ball 3!? LOL! You from the future or something? What's it like!? What's the new N5 and DS like!?

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