I'm bamboozled , give me a leg up guys


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Just bought a shiny 36" Philips Pixel plus tv and I already have a Sony STRDB 830 amplifier and a Pioneer DV626D dvd player.
I need a full speaker set, also another consideration is both the dvd and amp are black in colour and don't look too pretty with the Philips silver, silver vcr, silver dreambox. The more I look around the more confused I get.
My room is about 6metres x 5 metres.

Ideally , I think, I would like floor standing silver colour speakers, which would stand either side of the tv, and a silver centre speaker. Surrounds could be black or silver.

Should I get an all in one something like the Pioneeer dv990 or get an amp, or keep the Sony amp ????.

What speakers etc.

Any advise to put me in the right direction m8s, have between £500 and £600ish to spend.

Thanks in advance.


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Look at infinity Oreus floor stands available, not a huge choice of silver flooorstanders at that sort of price tho Canton CD1 and dredded Kef eggs for stand mount satellites. have a search around and see what pops up mate.

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