I'm after a very cheap <1K motorway runner


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I'm looking to get a 2nd car to travel to work and back daily as I don't want to rack up the miles on my main car (and it's not the most fuel efficient car)

I want something that is simple to maintain and is very economical to run.

My journey is 90 motorway miles a day.

I'm thinking old fiesta/corsa diesel etc.

any advise?:lease:


Hello mate how about a 318 or 320 bmw reliable cheap as chips now and go on and on


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Londonlad5_uk said:
Hello mate how about a 318 or 320 bmw reliable cheap as chips now and go on and on

economical? (mpg)

Daddy k

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306 dt all day long for that cash

diesel vectra, has the chain cam so one less thing too worry bout


I'd like to recommend a Metro 1.0 HLE, it did 60 miles to the gallon and I put 80,000 miles on it in 2 years, in all those miles I only had to replace a clutch plate and the front brake discs and pads. Most reliable car I have ever had. Unfortunately it was 20 years ago, so I doubt you'd see the like again.

So, don't go for anything flash, go for a no frills with a high mpg, the 306 dt Daddy k suggested could fit the bill, or something Japanese.



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An old (1995/1996) passatt TDI, they are a lot more efficient than modern tdi's but you dont get the same performance, my uncle paid &#163;200 for his a couple of years ago but he had to do it up a bit, he says its worth &#163;1000 now.

Should get 50+ to the gallon on the motorway, it gets 40 round town and thats an estate.

Dont worry about high mileage cus at that age they will all have it.


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thanks everyone for the suggestions.

I'll look into the models mentioned.

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