I'm after a cheap and cheerful camcorder!

Daniel B

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Hello peeps,
newbie here :hiya:

I have decided I want a camcorder, and my main reason is that we will soon be leaving our very first house, and I want to be able to look back in years to come - sentimental I know, but that's just me.

Now I gather that Mini DV is the budget way to go, and afte spending the last few days doing some research, had narrowed it down to:

Sony HC35E (Amazon £201) 20X Zoom, remote, docking station, decent lens
JVC GRD340 (Jessops etc for £150) 32X Zoom, very cheap

A new contender has appeared, and I think this one has a remote that seems desirable, it's the:

Samsung VPD453 (£129.99 from Play) only 10X Zoom, but I think on the samsung website it seems to suggest it has a remote.

The other thing that appealed, is that on one of the Sony reviews, it said you HAD to use a firewire cable to get decent quality footage off onto your pc to edit - alas I only have a laptop, which has no firewire port, I have researched, and can get a cable and PCMCIA card for about £15 all in, so that's not too bad.

The reviews of the cheapy cheap samsung above seem to suggest that you can get the footage off just using the USB conection, which is obviously another £15 saved.

What do people think, is there anything else I should be thinking of?

I need to order it fairly soon, as we may be out of here by early Feb....

Thanks in advance



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I don't know that specific Samsung model, but I've yet to see a good Samsung camcorder.

Either the Sony or the JVC is fine. For cheap camcorders I like Canon. You can get a M890 or MV901 for well under £200. Neither comes with a remote, the MV960 does (available for around £235).

And yes you need to use Firewire to capture DV in full quality. If you capture with USB from the Samsung the result will be even worse...

Daniel B

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Hi Mark,
many thanks for your reply.

After a bit more web searching, I did manage to find people who had to use firewire, and as you seem to say whatever the make/model you will require firewire anyhow.

Thanks for the heads up on Samsung, truly have no idea apart from what I find online.

I'm erring towards the Sony as it has the remote, but thanks for the tip about Canon, will reseach them some more too, seems quite bizarre that the lowest price for both seems to be within a few pounds of each other!




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I am a newbie to digital video.
I wanted to buy a hard drive camera for my forthcoming holiday. I wanted the ease of being able to transfer the files to PC via USB.
I therefore decided to buy a JVC MG21 camcorder I was lucky it was discounted to £280.00.
There have been some critical reports about this range of cameras, particularly videoing using the auto settings in low light conditions though this can be improved using slower shutter speeds and correcting white balance.
I am very happy with the results I have obtained. After all you do get what you pay for. The other HD cameras available Sony etc are almost twice the price.
I have only used the Cyberlink software supplied to edit and burn to DVD my test videos. This software is a limited edition, but you can produce very acceptable results.
To sum up I am very pleased with it.


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There is no Firewire on that camcorder (or any other HDD camcorder). They are not DV so my previous statement about needing to use Firewire doesn't apply.

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