I'm about to buy - help would be nice


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Hi everyone

I about to purchase a new Plasma tv. I have about £1600 to spend. Ideally I would like a 50"

I am heavily leaning towards the Panasonic TH-50PX60. People have told me that the 42" model is excellent and that the 50" is just as good.

Can anyone talk me out of getting the above model and finding something better or have I made the right choice?

BTW this will be my first Plasma TV so all help is graciously accepted.

Thank you


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Hi Adrian, take a look at the 50" Samsung - for the money you'll struggle to beat it. Check out the comments from owners on here.
Good luck.


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Hi Adrian, Yes the 50PX60 would be an excellent choice, together with pioneer and Fujitsu the best Plasmas you can buy. The Panasonic is however a lot cheaper than the Pioneer and Fujitsu.


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for good reason..............Panasonic have left alot out the PX60 to get the price that low still wipe the floor with the competition and for your budget there isnt another option really but be warned a 50" PDP is a big telly but the PX60 is less than ideal if used in a homecinema system


Personally I'd spurn that samsung as I'd spurn a rabid dog. Worst on market for problems, worst on market for after sales support, poorest piccy from any mainstream manufacturer. Strictly for the easily pleased. Panasonic, I'm inclined to agree with HD, not their finest product, but it seems hassle free and good to look at. Difficult to wall mount, (connections are not well placed) and very much a stand alone telly, not the centrepiece of a home cinema. Don't ask your local installer for a universal remote, he'll have a nervous breakdown!

DJ Mike

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I must confess I'm leaning heavily towards the TH-50PX60 myself for a purchase. Are there really any major points lacking on the set that would make the Pioneer that much more worthwhile for £400 extra?


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Get the 50" Samsung , steal of the year !
great looks , picture quality is superb,HD is even better ( no ,im not easily pleased ) :rolleyes:


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Thank you for all of your help and advice. You have all been very helpful.

I will be buying the Panasonic in the next day or two.

The next question is which wall bracket!!!!!!! (I think i'm going to opt for the Premier : am3 plasma wall mount) again, unless someone can talk me out of it.

I thought 'What the hell, if i'm going to spend £1600 on a tv i might as well get the dogs b******s of a wall bracket'


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I bought one of these wall mounts. I just received it yesterday and it feels well made, I have no doubt it will hold my 42px60 which I will buy in a week or two. Comes with the right bolts for the Panasonic (In fact it comes with bolts in different sizes to suit most brands)

PS I didn't check if it fits the 50px60 but I'm pretty sure it will, it will NOT fit the 42/50px600 as the backside is not flush on these models.


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Thanks Robin.

I was planning on getting one that tilts and can be pulled from the wall (if you know what i mean).

I'm a little srprised that you got the wall mounting before the tv. i would have thought it would have made more sense to get the tv first (but what the hell do i know!!!!!!!!!!)


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Well.. I was thinking it would be a terrible to have a brand new Plasma without stand and not be able to put it up against the wall. I´ve small kids so I don´t want to risk someone if tipping it over if it would be leaning against the wall without a stand. So I just lookup up the mechanical drawings to make sure my future plasma would fit.

The same seller also has tilting supports but for me it was more important the plasma would be mounted as close to wall as possible. Tilting mounts need more space.

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