I'm a new member ... HELP me please



Hello all ... I've been reading posts for quite a while now and although it helps it's never specific to your own needs so i thought i'd join and do one of my own to hopefully narrow down my search before i go and audition the equipment.

I have 2k to spend on an AV Amp & Speakers :D. Any help in helping me make up my mind would be greatly appreciated.

So far i like the Denon AVR-3808 and the Onkyo TX-SR875 Has anyone seen anything about these amps to compare with the above 2 ? Marantz SR-7002 Yamaha RX-V3800&1800. Or anything else you can think of !
I like the fact that you can plug all your equipment into the amp & just have 1 cable going to the TV, so the HDMI upscaling etc is top of the list ... after sound obviously ! Movies/Music 50/50
I'll also need a speaker system which will preferably have floorstanders, initially 5.1 but will be upped to 6 or 7.1 later. I have absolutely no ideas about this so HELP ! :confused:

I know we always say it but this equipment will have to last for a good few years so future proofing is essential aswell (I know my TV is not 1080P & it will be changed soon)

All replies greatly appreciated :thumbsup:


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are you new to the audio side of things?

if so i would not go all the way to 2K unless you really need to.


I've had my current 5.1 setup for quite a few years now and have lost touch a bit.
I'm not totally technical but i do like the sound !!
As i said what i get will have to last a while so i suppose that's why i'd rather spend a bit more now rather than buy cheaper kit and keep upgrading it. I know that whatever you get is soon out of date but hey it should be good for a while !?


I definately want to change the amp & speakers, i was on a budget when i bought them !

Here's what i have : (TV)Panasonic TH-42PX60 (DVD)Denon DVD-1930 (AV AMP)Sony STR-DB1070 (Speakers)Gale 5.1 System 3040-Floorstanders 3050C-Centre 3060B-Rears 3070-Sub PS3 & XBox 360 Elite.

I think i've narrowed the amps to the denon avr 3808, onkyo tx-sr875 or pioneer vsx-lx70, what does everyone think of these ?

As for speakers ... i don't really know where to start ? i like floorstanders and obviously will try before i buy but i'd like to hear what people think are worth looking at so then i won't waste days trying loads.

What would you buy ?


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I think i've narrowed the amps to the denon avr 3808, onkyo tx-sr875 or pioneer vsx-lx70, what does everyone think of these ?

All three of those have lengthy threads already on the forum as well as many similar questions, I'd suggest using the search option then come back with specific questions.

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Hi Polo,

You do need to narrow it down a little yourself before going to listen to a few! Ask yourself the following questions -

How large can they be?
Do you want the mini range?
Do they have to be wife friendly?
How big is the room?
Can you have floorstanders?
Where do you live?

I would suggest you look at (and post a thread on) the speaker forum for suggestions?

Good luck - nice position to be in :D

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