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Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Delta0, Mar 16, 2006.

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    Hey, i was hoping for some advice. Basically i had planned to get these speakers for my computer:

    Creative GigaWorks 7.1 S750 THX® Speakers

    But a mate told me about these AV Reciever things which would be a hell of a lot better.

    This is the best site i could find for reviews etc, but to be honest i still don't really understand it all. I do know that i'll have to get this reciever plus the seperate speakers, so really is it worth the cost?

    Thats what i really wanna know, do you recon i could get an AV reciever and 7 speakers for under £500?

    I mean the creative is £242, but i'd be willing to go up to say £500 but only if i was getting a substantial increase in quality.

    So basically this is a plea for help

    1. To try and help me understand what it all means
    2. Tell me whether its worth paying extra
    3. What sort of area and makes should i be looking at. I have seen the Yamaha 757, thats about it.

    Thanks for your help
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    The first thing you need to consider, is what you will be using the speakers for.
    Will it mainly be for music through the computer, for films, for gaming etc...

    Also, what sort of space do you have available?

    There is no real need to go for 7 speakers. 5 speakers (for an AV setup) or 2 speakers (for a stereo setup) will be perfectly adequate.

    Finally, yes you are likely to get a far better sound from £500 on a amp and speaker combo than you will by buying the Creative set.

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