iL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad/Moscow/Kuban


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Now with VR Support:

Update 2.009 - VR!
Dear pilots,

we're happy to announce that update 2.009 is ready. The most important addition in it is the VR support. In addition to VR itself, graphics as a whole were heavily updated during the VR development, so everyone will benefit from this update. In addition, it contains many improvements and corrections in other subsystems of the sim.

Main features:
1. VR support added via Open VR (HTC Vive and Oculus Rift cv1);
2. Optional post-processing Sharpen filter added;
3. Hiding the in-game HUD (H key) now stops most GUI routines, which can double your FPS in some situations. You can use this to get a performance boost while playing on a slower PC. After hiding the HUD, you can still turn object markers on by pressing I key (they won't lower performance since they were recreated for VR in a separate module that doesn't use ScaleForm like the rest of the GUI);
4. New option 'Show HUD by default' added which can be turned off so HUD won't turn on at the beginning of a mission;
5. New graphics option 'Dynamic resolution factor' added. It adjusts the render resolution and the number of particles in certain effects on the fly to maintain the FPS level chosen in 'Target FPS' field (or screen refresh rate if the V-Sync option is checked). In VR, the target FPS is always 90;
6. Clouds detail increased for Ultra graphics preset;
7. The number of smoke particles decreased for all graphics presets except Ultra. This improves FPS while you're chasing a damaged and smoking enemy aircraft;
8. Trees rendering technology improved, almost eliminating a tree rotation effect when you fly near them;
9. Trees LOD levels were reworked to minimize their 'pop-up' effect;
10. A rare crash has been found and fixed. The sim could crash in missions with more than 120 ground objects (random issue). This issue was fixed, but when there are too many ground vehicles some of them may lack effects of lights. A tip for mission designers: if you don't need a certain group of vehicles anymore, use Delete trigger instead of Deactivate to free their effects and properties cache;

3D models changes:
11. He 111 H-16 bump texture corrected, reflections improved;
12. Yak-1 series 127 rear canopy transparency corrected;
13. Three new skins made by community member Stab/JG52_DiO for Bf 109 F-2, Bf 109 F-4 and Bf 109 G-2 added to the game;
14. Missing glass that covers instruments in Bf 110 G-2 engine nacelles added;
15. Fw 190 A-5 is now correctly visible at large distances;

Physics changes:
16. Flight stick shaking at high speeds will correctly stop after rudder and elevator loss;
17. Ju-87 D-3 flutter can still happen after rudder loss;
18. Aircraft weapons damage from HE shell hits became rarer;
19. Ammo explosion simulation improved - now it happens at ammo box location instead of aircraft center and the explosion power varies depending on ammo type and its amount left;
20. Sh-37 gun ammo weight corrected for IL-2 mod.1942 and LaGG-3 series 29;

AI and other changes:
21. Single ground target attack from high altitude maneuver corrected (an AI will reduce its altitude first and then begin the attack);
22. AI controlled Ju-87 won't crash during dive recovery if they failed to drop the bomb;
23. A rare issue in campaign when player flight could disassemble and wingmen could crash into each other was fixed;
24. Vehicle columns that were attacked on a bridge act more reasonably;
25. 61K train or ship mounted AA gun kill will be counted correctly;
26. Trees on the Ryabinki airfield runway removed.

Here are some tips & tricks you may already know that will help set up your VR for IL-2 (but it may be useful for other games).

IL-2 Sturmovik uses Open VR interface, meaning you need to have Steam VR application installed on your PC. If you have HTC Vive, it is already installed (or you won't be able to use it in other games). However, if you have Oculus Rift, you may or may not have it installed. So, the first step would be installing Steam, logging into your Steam account and installing Steam VR from Steam store.

Run Steam VR to set up your Oculus Rift there: run Room Setup. Make sure it works fine for you in Steam VR tutorial. HTC Vive users have this set up already.

Run IL-2 Sturmovik. If Oculus Home and Steam VR applications are not active, it should launch them by itself. When the game loads, your HMD should be working already and you should see the VR image from one of the eye screens on your regular monitor. Oculus Home and Steam VR windows may obscure the IL-2 window on your regular monitor so minimize them and click on IL-2 Sturmovik window to return focus to it (that's how Windows works)

If you launch IL-2 and VR mode doesn't kick in, make sure that Steam VR (and Oculus Home if you have Oculus Rift) are installed and configured properly, and/or launch them manually before starting the game. If VR still won't kick in, go to graphics settings of the game and check that 'Use VR HMD' option is on. While you're at it, note the new graphics options there: Sharpen and Dynamic resolution factor.

Sharpen is a post process visual filter that makes everything, well, sharper. This is especially useful to increase clarity in VR so you could read your 'real' cockpit instruments better, but it gives good results if you want a crisper picture while playing on a regular monitor as well. It has little impact on the performance, so try it and see if you like the new look.

Dynamic resolution factor is a new method for keeping your frames per second (FPS) steady. Its value can be set from 0.5 (half the original resolution) to 1.0 (full resolution). If you set it to 1.0, you'll be turning it off and everything will work as before. If you set it to a lower value, you're telling the game it's Ok to degrade the rendering quality to this value to keep the FPS close to the value you set in Target FPS drop-down list here. So if you set Target FPS to 144 and Dynamic resolution factor to 0.5, the game will lower the rendering quality up to 0.5 of the original resolution trying to keep that high frame rate you specified. You can experiment with these values to find out what FPS you can achieve on your PC without degrading the visual quality too much. On a regular monitor, quality degradation is more apparent than in VR HMD, so this feature is especially useful for VR.

Please note, that Target FPS value is ignored in VR - it is set to HMD refresh rate (90 FPS or 45 FPS when it is lower than 90 and HMD driver automatically engages ASW if you're using Oculus and Reprojection for Vive). You can Google what these technologies do - basically, they generate new frames depending on previous ones to show you if PC performance level is insufficient to output 90 FPS. Target FPS parameter is also ignored if you use a regular monitor and check V-Sync option here - in this case it ties to your monitor refresh rate.

Another settings screen, Camera settings, include another new option - Limit VR view. When it is on, your virtual head won't be able outside cockpit or inside the instruments panel. While it makes perfect sense, it may be uncomfortable in VR - when your real head continues to move (there is nothing to stop it at your home unless you go too far and hit a wall or your PC), but your virtual head in the cockpit stops because it just hit a canopy, you may have a dizzy feeling. It should be noted that other sims don't have the limited VR view at all, but in IL-2 you can turn this on or off. This option will be ignored (the view will be limited) if Allow spectators option is turned off in difficulty settings (for example, on Expert difficulty multiplayer servers) to prevent cheating.

Now, there are special commands in Camera controls that you'll be using a lot in VR. First one is Default VR view - you can use it to set up a default view. If you're off to the side in the cockpit, look straight in front of view and press this button (Numpad 5 by default) - you'll be positioned in the center behind the gunsight.

Another command is VR camera zoom (hold). This is a special zoom button for VR, press and hold this button and you'll get 2X magnification to spot distant objects. It may cause nausea if you keep the button pressed and turn your head, beware.

Another tip we can give you to improve the performance is turning the in-game HUD off (H key). VR provides unique ability to read 'real' cockpit instruments at a glance, so try to use it! It can give you a huge performance boost, especially in complex missions with many objects. With HUD turned off, you can still see object markers (press I key to turn them on).

When you look down in the cockpit, you'll see a blue ring. This is Steam VR safety feature called chaperone boundaries so we can't turn it off in the game. You can turn it by editing a certain file on your PC (maybe it will be made easier in the future), Google 'turn off chaperone boundaries'.

Some of our beta testers complained that they see some objects (for example, gunsight reticle) in double vision. There can be several reasons for it, so here are what you can do if you experience this:

1) First of all, make sure your inter-pupil distance is set up correctly. Its control is located on the right of your HMD. Adjust it so the on-screen tip shows your inter-pupil distance correctly (you know its value if you use glasses).
2) Second, understand that playing in VR is completely different to playing on a regular flat screen, even if you're accustomed to Track IR or Freetrack. Objects have different depths, you can focus either on close objects or on distant ones, like in real life. If you focus on the cockpit elements or gunsight body, its reticle will be in double vision as well as a target you're trying to hit (collimator reticle is a virtual distant object). When you're aiming at an enemy aircraft or ground vehicle, focus your eyes on it, then the reticle should be in focus as well (but your canopy and gunsight body will be in a double vision like they will be in such situation in the real life).
3) Third, position your head correctly - your dominant eye should be behind the reticle. You can do this naturally just by moving your head in VR.
4) Fourth, this is a highly subjective issue. Some of the users (and us developers) don't have any problems while using an aiming sight, some resolved them when they accustomed to playing a sim in VR and for some nothing we could adjust helped. This is a highly specialized problem for VR genre - in a usual VR game the developers keep the user from this issue by avoiding situations when you have very close and distant objects at once, but this is impossible in a combat flight sim where a pilot constantly needs to switch focus from close instruments to distant targets. If you have this problem no matter what, it may be best to close one eye and aim with your dominant eye only. You'll lose stereo perception so it isn't ideal, but many people aim their guns this way and do fine.

We spent much time to implement the VR support. We hope you'll like the result and the new immersion level it gives to virtual pilots! See you in the sky!

Also 50% OFF at iL-2 Site (not Steam)


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I picked this up for £20.65 ($25) from the iL-2 website yesterday (offer ends pretty soon I think but no doubt it will be in the Steam sales at some point) & have to say WOW!

It took me a very long time to get it up and running as I had a number of issues & had to fire support tickets to the developers. Unfortunately, they only only offered the same advice that was on their site (port forwarding/firewall/run as admin) but my issue turned out to be some conflict with MSI Afterburner &/or RivaTuner running in the background (which I just tested in desperation), as it prevented the launcher from launching. Anyway, once running, and some minor graphical tweaks, I have to say this is pretty phenomenal. Looking down the site with one eye squinted in VR is something that needs to be experienced, I know we keep saying it, 'the immersion', but yeah, the immersion is fantastic!

The game looks and runs better than expected on my 980Ti, keeping a 90fps but I need to disable the HUD, which by doing so, can pretty much double the fps as prior to doing that i was running 45fps.

I need to sit down with a piece of paper and match up & write down the essential keys to my X55 and will practice before I venture on a campaign or even online so I have no feedback regarding what it has to offer in terms of online community or SP.

I did a few free flights/quick missions and they were pretty awesome. In one I was being shot at (& I think also shot a couple of times) and in evading I stalled and started spinning hard and nose diving out of control. I followed it to the end and in retrospect I really should have ejected at the start as it really evoked a feeling of nausea by the time I hit the ground in a constant spin. I stopped playing the game for a while after that and have just flown again and happy to continue playing as I have not felt the nausuea returning.

Really excited by this title & more importantly I have something really in-depth and of high quality to compliment VR racing.


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Been playing this game all Bank holiday weekend and damn is it impressive!! So much so I just purchased the Battle of Moscow too whilst it's still on sale.

Today I finally managed my 1st aerial victory and going from constantly stalling and crashing to actually winning a dogfight (albeit at Novice level) feels like such an achievement. I keep switching it off and then am back on it just to try again. I've managed a handful of aerial victories now but probably 10x as more deaths.

I really can't emphasise how great the experience is and something that really requires a flight stick to make it work. Anyone else playing this?
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Used to have it MANY years ago.
Have the graphics improved?
I need to dig out my disc and reload it.


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I think it looks absolutely fantastic in VR. I'm using balanced settings to try and minimise fps dips, but still very impressive. The games were released 2014 & 2016 respectively, so not that old.

It literally took me a full day to stop falling out of the sky by banking too sharply & really does need a flight stick.


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Think I'm going to pick this one up - it looks great from the YouTube videos I've seen (better than I remember the original IL-2 from what must be a decade ago).

Hopefully it'll run better on the Vive than the woefully-optimized DCS, and less of a grind-fest than War Thunder.


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@ArmitageShanks There are some great tips on the forums to get this looking good. With your 1080 I think you will be just fine. A mix of PD & AA, download the terrain mod, maximum performance in your Nvidia Panel & FXAA if you are inclined. For me with a 980ti, at about 500-750m above ground I'll have ASW kicking in at 45fps & then above it goes to 90fps, however all graphical details low, HDR on, still looks and feels amazing.


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Finally got this half price on the Steam sale. :)
I'm very pleased with it, still have to tweak the performance for my 1080 but it runs well mostly and very playable (when I'm not constantly falling into a spin or stalling...horrible Russian WW2 planes...:D).

Definitely prefer it to DCS and War Thunder.


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Bagged this a week or so back, but hadn't really put much time into it until the last couple of days. Damn, it's good. I mean really good!! In fact, it's now my favourite VR experience. They have captured the sense of speed and weight of the planes spectacularly well. From the moment they start bobbling along the runways they just feel so right. Even daft things like sliding back the canopy and taking in a gulp of virtual air as the sense of claustrophobia recedes feels amazing. And popping your head out of the canopy, and gazing down the side of the fuselage, and watching the engine spit out fire and fumes, as if it were alive is a joy. It's all I can do to stop myself from reaching out and trying to pat the old bird. And all of the instrumentation is easily readable at the Rift's resolution. Or it would be, if it were not authentically written in russian or german :laugh:

I ran a night time mission and was skirting my target as the searchlights suddenly went up. I went low, hoping they wouldn't spot me. I wasn't as lucky as I'd hoped because one of them found me, with the other two quickly locking on. The way the cockpit lit up was almost spooky, and very terrifying. Very quickly, tracer fire could be seen, arcing it's way towards me. The way it cut through the sky looked real. I think, for the first time ever playing sims, I felt a real appreciation for what real-life WWII pilots went through. I was genuinely scared.

I increased my turn radius to keep out of harm's way and they lost sight of me. I then came in from a different height, and direction, but they were much more alert this time. I swooped in low, on a strafing run, and managed to shoot a truck before taking a couple of direct hits, that saw me hurtle into the nearby trees, and explode in a huge fireball. I just had to whip the Rift straight off, and sit there for a while, stunned. Slowly trying to regather my thoughts and breath. It felt strange to be sat in the comfort and safety of my living room, as what had happened moments before felt almost real.....

The downside to all of this, is that it's re-ignited my passion for flight sims. Consequently, I'm now on the hunt for a set of rudder pedals, a decent HOTAS (probably a Warthog), and a nice cockpit . I had, previously, played DCS, but felt that it was a bit of an uphill struggle, and seemed to have many problems in VR. I was constantly trying to solve issues rather than fly. But IL2 Sturmovik.... Just WOW!! They seem to have gotten it so right from the off. My VR hobby now has a true sense of direction. If any of you has even the slightest interest in flight sims then I would urge you to give it a spin. I'm only sorry that I'm so late to the party.......


Its back up to £40 now.
Wish I had bought it during the sale.


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It would have been nice in the sales, but still well worth the full price IMHO. I wish I had bought BoM in the sales, but shall happily stump up full whack.


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Yeah, I must admit this is one I keep coming back to on a nightly basis for a few quick missions since I got it in the sale.

Last night I was dancing about in low clouds chasing P-40s in my Bf-109. Just incredible. Then I tried a campaign mission to intercept a couple of He-111s in a Yak. Sadly I ran out of skill chasing one low to the ground and spun into the deck. Aaarrghh!

I'll say one thing - this game gives my neck a thorough workout!


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You've already got some? How do you find them? I've used Saitek Combat Pedals before now and was fairly pleased with them. But then I sold off all of my sim stuff, including my Warthog. Really regretting it now. I've got a cheap Thrustmaster Hotas, with a twist-stick rudder, but it's so imprecise. Great for Elite Dangerous, but lacks the fidelity for IL2 combat.


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Well it's an on going project which in short requires some major jigging around to make space and construct a seating area.

I've offered them up and the quality and feel is great, they do a graphite option too and an extension to the warthog which I resisted, let me know if you order as shipping is pricey and may reconsider that warthog extension if your thinking about it. If you ever pass near by Stanstead Airport I'll happily show you them


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But your write up has given me the inspiration to start the jgging about tonight

Apologies. I didn't mean to cause you any work :laugh: Thanks for the offer of a peep at your system. Unfortunately, I avoid London like the plague. Never had a day inside the M25 that wasn't filled with stress. I'll surely let you know if I order a set. I'm thinking to maybe get the seat first. Currently contemplating either a dirt-cheap, but comfy looking, seat of eBay, and then buying some kind of frame/desk to mount in front of it. Alternatively, there is a more "complete" option, that doesn't seem too bad price-wise, the Playseat Air Force. Just having a think at the mo'.

X Rocker X Pedestal Luxury Adjustable Gaming Chair with Speakers and Subwoofer. | eBay

Playseat Air Force (PS4/PS3/Xbox 360/Xbox One/PC CD): PC & Video Games


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Wow! Okay, that's a bit hardcore. Not to mention ever so slightly expensive. Be very interested to see what your solution ends up being. You'll have to update this thread or something with a piccie or two :)

Right, I've just ordered a Warty, and it's coming tomorrow. And now you've got me thinking about whether or not I need an extension for it? Maybe I'd better get the seat first and see how the ergonomics pan out.


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Dear Friends,

Once again, it is my honor and pleasure to announce our current and future plans for the modern IL-2 Sturmovik product line. It has been about fifteen months since I told you about our plans for Battle of Kuban and beyond. Today we make our biggest announcement yet!

However, before we do, we are happy to inform you that Battle of Kuban is nearing completion and should be finished by the end of this year as planned. We were able to meet our biggest objectives and complete many other new ones not in the original plan. The list is too long to post in this announcement, but our Developer Diaries tell the tale quite well. Some minor features that did not make it into Kuban will be included in the next product development cycle. Development never stops for us and we continue to march onward and upward! Our beloved Sturmovik has never looked or played so good!

The Sturmovik development team is an amazing group of people who work tirelessly to bring you the combat flight-sim experience you want. As their Producer and partner for many years it still amazes me what they can accomplish. They deserve your continued support. Please show them how much you appreciate their work.

We also want to say thank you to our customers who have helped us weather the storm and keep going. We cannot do this alone and so many of you help us when we need help and so many of you have told your sim buddies to purchase our products. We thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. This community is a special one and we’re in this journey together.

Without further delay, our next title, sorry, our next THREE IL-2 Sturmovik titles are going to be the following - BATTLE OF BODENPLATTE, FLYING CIRCUS and TANK CREW!

That’s right, Sturmovik is expanding into new territory and we are going to tackle building and releasing three new titles in 2018 and into 2019. All titles will be unique in their own way and all will be branded IL-2 Sturmovik and will share the same client software. Flying Circus and Tank Crew will be their own series within the Sturmovik ecosystem and give Sturmovik fans new ways to have fun. This ambitious and aggressive development plan will be made possible by working with talented professional studios whom we have partnered with in the past few months. If everything goes to plan this will allow us to do parallel development like never before. More about our partners and their role in future development diaries.

Battle of Bodenplatte

Although it was technically an “operation”, for continuity sake, we’re calling it a battle! Battle of Bodenplatte will explore the air war near the end of 1944 and into 1945. This late-war setting offers a wide variety of classic fighters and fighter-bombers for you to fly including some of the hottest piston powered airplanes to ever grace the skies. In addition, we’ll introduce our first jet aircraft! The Allies flew many low-level tactical missions into Germany from bases in Belgium and Holland during this time. In a desperate attempt to stem the tide of war, the Germans launched a surprise attack on Allied airfields on January 1, 1945. The ensuing battle became legendary.

Planned to be Included in Battle of Bodenplatte:

Flyable Aircraft and Content:

- Bf-109 G-14

- Bf-109 K-4

- Fw-190 A-8

- Me-262

- P-51D

- P-47D

- Spitfire Mk. IX

- Tempest Mk. V

- Fw-190 D-9 (Collector)

- P-38L (Collector)

- B-25 (AI)

- European Low-Countries Map (Final size TBD) (Parts of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany)

- Many Allied and Axis airfields, cities, towns and villages. Winter and Summer textures are planned.

- New Allied and Axis Ground Units and Scenery.

Battle of Bodenplatte Pre-Order Launched!

As of today, you can Pre-Order Battle of Bodenplatte in our webstore. As always this will give you access to Early Access and a Pre-Order discount! The Pre-Order price is $69.99. Just click on the image to order.

Flying Circus – Volume I

Flying Circus will finally give our loyal and patient Rise of Flight customers a new way forward into the future! Our eventual goal is to essentially re-build ROF inside of the Sturmovik universe and give WWI all the latest technology like VR, 64bit, DX11 and improved visuals. We will start by focusing on re-furbishing ten of our existing WWI airplanes and providing a partial map of France to fly and fight over. Subsequent Flying Circus products will further expand content and we’ll work to integrate Flying Circus into our Campaign and Career systems over time. Volume I is merely the first important step and it will be a lot of fun! If Flying Circus proves popular we can eventually fire up the Great War assembly line and break out the canvas and timber once again to make some new crates! Guynmere, Fonck, Coppens, McCudden, Bishop, Rickenbacker and von Richtofen shall fly again 100 years later!

Planned to be Included in Flying Circus – Volume I

Flyable Aircraft and Content (Tentative List):

- SPAD 13 C.1

- Sopwith Dolphin

- Sopwith Camel

- RAF S.E.5a

- Bristol Fighter

- Albatros D.Va

- Fokker Dr.1

- Fokker DVII

- Pfalz D.IIIa

- Halberstadt CL.II

- France map (100 x 100km Approx.)

- Several airfields, cities, towns and villages. Summer textures are planned

- No Man’s Land

- Entente and Central Powers Ground Units and Scenery.

Pre-Orders for Flying Circus will be available sometime first half of 2018.

Tank Crew – Clash at Prokhorovka

Tank Crew will be expanding upon our initial adventure into tank combat by including ten new tanks and armored vehicles and improving our two existing tanks. Tank Crew will create a ground combat component that can be integrated into single-player content and multiplayer servers. Our tanks will be multi-crew in multiplayer which most other leading tank games are not capable of. Our playable tanks will also be modeled both inside and out with realism in mind and improved damage modelling. The map will feature the southern portion of the Battle of Kursk with the village of Prokhorovka and town of Belgorod included. The map will also be built somewhat differently giving tank players a better ground environment then our current large maps. Further details about Tank Crew will be released as development ramps up.

Planned to be Included in Tank Crew – Clash at Prokhorovka

Playable Tanks and Content (Tentative List):

- T-34-76 STZ

- KV-1s

- M4A2

- SU-122

- SU-152

- ZIS-5 + 72K

- PzKpfw III Ausf.L

- PzKpfw IV Ausf.G

- PzKpfw V Ausf.D

- PzKpfw VI Ausf.H1

- Sd. Kfz. 184

- Sd. Kfz. 10 + Flak38

- Prokhorovka - Belgorod Map {100x100 km Approx.)

Pre-Orders for Tank Crew will be available sometime first half of 2018.

LA-5 FN and Bf-109 G-6 Pre-Order Launched!

In addition to all this amazing news we have launched pre-orders for the deadly La-5FN and Bf-109 G-6. These two planes further build our plane-set and fill in gaps in the Soviet and German war chests. Pre-Order now and enjoy a discount! Each aircraft is $14.99 for a limited time. Click on the image to order.

IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles Demo and Series

In 2018 we plan to release a Free Limited Demo for Sturmovik that will allow new customers to easily try Sturmovik. Users can then purchase content to turn their demo into their home-base for all things Sturmovik. More details on the Great Battles Demo first quarter of 2018.

In addition to the demo, our entire collection of products will be made part of the IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles series. Any product displaying this logo will be compatible with one another and part of the overarching collection.

Digital Warfare Engine

Previously our simulation engine was known as the Digital Nature Engine. Over the years many, many changes and improvements have occurred that has essentially re-written almost all of the engine and it now supports a wider range of vehicles. To commemorate this new reality, we have christened our updated engine the DIGITAL WARFARE ENGINE.

Larger Picture

As you can see we have ambitious plans for Sturmovik. No doubt you will have many questions and concerns about what we have announced. The bigger picture is that are now ready to try making parallel products for our WW2 fans, WW1 fans and possible new customers who enjoy tank battles. But beyond that, we hope to accomplish the following in our next development cycle.

- New MP matchmaking system and lobby with chat

- Improvements to aircraft fuel systems and add drop tanks

- Oxygen masks for pilots at high attitude

- Jet engine technology and associated physics of higher Mach numbers

- Improvements to AI

- Option for 4K skins by default and preview pics in the GUI for Custom skins

- In-Game Model Viewer (hold over from Kuban)

- Mods On/Off (hold over from Kuban)

- More attractive GUI and better GUI optimization

…. and many other small, medium and large improvements to usability, functionality and performance.

Last but not least, part of our overall plan is to work with one of our long-time professional development partners to produce airplanes. This is not a guaranteed success and much work needs to be done to make this a reality, but we are giving it a shot. There is much more to our airplanes than just the model. Much training will need to be done to pull this off. If successful, we plan to make the Li-2 next. We are making NO PROMISES, but here are a couple very early WIP pics.

Bonus Images

For your enjoyment I commissioned a few extra images for our upcoming products. These are NOT THE OFFICIAL IMAGES for our new products and should not be used in that way or used in any media. However, we felt you would enjoy this special artwork and give you a sense of what is coming. Enjoy!

You can discuss this announcement in this thread and read further comments from Jason that address this plan in even more detail.

See you in the skies and thank you for your continued enthusiasm and support!

Jason and the IL-2 Sturmovik Team

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