Iknow im turning into a toshiba bore but....


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I know its geeky but I want to know what I am getting in the RDXS32. unbeatable have admitted that it wont be available till June (despite promising me 10 days). So while im waiting I wouldnt mind reading the manual.

Can I assume it is a DR1 with a HDD. Ie the interface and style will be closer to the DR1 (ie top mounted buttons, RGB in and -RW (in video mode).

And the HDD will effectively be the RDXS30.

So by downloading both manuals and reading them I should be able to see what I am getting for my money?

Are there any DR1 owners out there that have issues (such as the Black level issue)


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You'll be lucky if you get it at all from Unbeatable - the one and only time I used those cowboys it took 2 months to get a TV they quoted as "in stock". Pathetic.....

Sorry I know that does not really answer your question though....


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:( Hmmm Im already enetering an email argument with them along the lines of why did you say 2 weeks when it isnt being releeased till end of may!

Still ill leave the order there till someone else has it in stock
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