Ikea "Koppla" remote-control socket dimmer with timer


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Last year, I found the ultimate gadget at Ikea.

Its a set of 2 electrical socket adaptors with on/off remote control.

The adapters simply plug in to a 3-pin socket and your device plugs in to that.

But unlike any other similar products that I have found available, these are actually dimmers also.

Not only that, but the remote control has a timer facility so that your table/floor standing lamps can come on and off at programmed times to a programmed dimmed level.

Also, you can set it so that when you turn the brightness up and/or down, it can be instant, or a more pleasing gradual fade.

(these devices are mainly designed for lamps and are not recommended for other electrical appliances)

The remote control can be used with up to 10 socket adaptors.

I am trying to get a few more sockets, but Ikea no longer suply these "Koppla" devices.

Does anybody know where I can find another set, or is there another product on the market that can do all of the above?



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I cant remember the exact price. I think they were somewhere between £30 and £40. (closer to £40 if I remember correctly).
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