Ikea Gaje speaker stands - worth it?


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just looking for some cheap but decent speaker stands to set up a couple of small front speakers (Wharfedale moviestar 60). The ones in the ikea catalogue seem reasonable (think they're called Gaje, or something equally bizarre) for £20 - plus I have £20 of Ikea vouchers to use up. So, are they worth it, or is it 20 pounds that could be better spent buying innumerable small wooden boxes and other sundries :)

Anyone got any experience of them?




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GÅJE... At least they have price going for them!

Have you actually been to IKEA to see them..? I wasn't too impressed when I saw them a few weeks ago. They didn't seem very rigid; the pole is in two sections and the speakers themselves have be screwed to two small, circular bases. Me, I'd put the £20 toward some proper speaker stands - or fill your car with all those boxes and trinkets...


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hhmm, they dont sound too clever - not been out to Ikea to see them, but I had wondered about the build quality. Cheers for the feedback!



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I bought some so that I could get my little Yamahas into the right positions. For what they are, I think they do the job. I don't expect super hi-fi from my set up, but it sounds okay for now.

Previously the speakers were stuck with Blutack onto the TV and receiver These come with some sort of super-velcro stuff. No chance of them falling off. The bases are heavy enough to stop them troppling with light speakers. Anything wooden may be too top heavy.

So for me they are better than nothing and were cheap enough.

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