Ikea dishwasher error code 50


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Anyone have any ideas what this code means? It's not listed in the manual.

Some people on google are saying pump failure/blockage. I've taken the pump off and looked and there was no blockage. The machine started back up after I put it back together and completed a full wash (quick wash at 1.25h) there was a fair bit of noise that the machine didnt have a week ago. Did another load today (longer at 3.25h) and the error code is back. The machine seems to have completed the wash and drained.

Any ideas about DIY fixes before ikea gets a call.

Machine s under 2 years old, so well within warranty. Rather do it myself though, saves waiting days/weeks for a tech to come...



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There aren't many moving parts beyond the pump so if the machine is noisy then the pump could be failing - better to get this fixed for free if it is still under warranty.


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It’s a Whirlpool and I have found a couple of places on the internet suggesting 50 is the motor circuit or motor.

“This code signals a motor circuit issue. There may be a problem in the control board, which is located at the bottom, right behind the motor. It takes professional help to check the control board functions.”

That’s Electrolux but I found similar for the IKEA/Whirlpool.

It’s under warranty - contact IKEA I reckon.
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