Ikea blackout blind - reversible?


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I know quite a few people here have had experience of Ikea blackout blinds for screens. I actually want to use one as a blackout blind for the window in my HC room. What I want to know is if I can revers a white one so that the black is inside the room and the white facing the window. This will help me maintain very low reflection rates and reflect heat back out of the window in summer.

I am guessing that it is a case of fully unwinding, folding and then fully winding it back up in reverse, but just wanted to check there was no reason this wouldn't be doable?


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The 2 Ikea blackout blinds that I have are the same colour on both sides, well vitrually, which is an off white greyish colour.

Very good though & pretty cheap.


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Oh, I thought they were black on the side that was meant to face the window with either white, dark blue or beige on the side that was meant to face the room?

Looks like I will have to go for a dark blue and use it as it is intended - doh.
Paint one side white instead.

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