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Hi guys,

I currently run a Hive thermostat linked into a hive hub plus a couple of hive active bulbs. I run the central heating for the whole house off the one hive thermostat. This works fine and I'm actually quite impressed with it's performance.

I also have a conservatory who's temperature varies wildly, certainly not in any correlation to the house temperature.

Main question: I currently use a couple of mains powered oil filled radiators to heat the conservatory as and when needed (manually) but I want to make them 'smarter'. My idea is to use an additional temperature sensor in the conservatory so that I can link into IFTTT to trigger a couple of hive active plugs to turn the heaters on when required. Does anyone have an idea if this would work? If so do you have any recommendations on a cheap temperature sensor that would be compatible without me having to buy another smart hub?

Cheers guys.


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Forgot to mention, the Sonoff kit is normally controlled through their (Sonoff) cloud servers which have been known to go down occasionally however, if you like to tinker it is pretty easy to flash the firmware with a third party firmware (the favourite is Tasmota) doing this will allow you to control their devices via a local server/MQTT, with something like Home assistant running on a rasberry PI the software is free/open source but is very well regarded and supports over 1000 different smart home components.

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