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Hello, created an account just to reply here.
My unit just came this week and been using it none stop. I encountered the delay exactly as described in earlier replies. Already updated the latest firmware and it still occurs. Tried playing with default sampling rate and I found that delay only happens with sampling rate higher than 300k. Changing this to 192k hz did resolve the delay. I thought the delay was fixed when I upgraded the firmware, but as it turns out upgrading firmware automatically sets sampling rate to 44.1k. So changing it to 384k, the delay comes back.
Hi @washingmachine
I'm sorry to hear about your issue. Can I ask how are you changing the sample rate? Is it using Windows audio driver? Have you tried our dedicated USB Audi driver? What sort of audio player are you using?

Helix Hifi

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Well no Zen Dac for me. I am aware Node N130 is more expensive, but the software is rock solid. Rarely any issues, beside WiFi problems which some owners are complaining about.

I don’t have any of this issues, since mine is hardwired to the network.

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