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Hi Everyone,

Over the last couple of days I have been busily investigating the latest and greatest new CE products at the massive IFA tradeshow in Berlin. One of the highlights of the show was the invitation from Sony to get an inside look at their latest Blu Ray products followed later by an informal meeting with some of the key personnel involved in Sony's Blu Ray strategy.

The first port of call was the BluRay Disc Association booth which was nestled just off the massive Deutsche Telecom hall exibit in hall 6.2 of the Messe. The BDA booth was exhibiting player and screen combinations from a surprisingly large number of companies such as Sony (of course!) Panasonic, Phillips, Sharp, Pioneer, Denon and Samsung.
My initial impression of the players was that there was very little to differentiate between the players in terms of features but after a bit of reading it became clear that there were two distinct levels of the products.

All of the products seemed to offer 24fps output, HDMI CEC support (Bravia Link etc), internal decoding of the Dolby True HD and DTS HD Audio formats and LPCM output over HDMI.

The second tier of products from Sony (S500), Pioneer and Denon added a varied mix of of extra options such as xvYCC support (dubious benefit), BR-Rom support, advanced processing and so on. Crucially though these products also offered bitstream support for the HD audio formats. That's right, unprocessed audio being directed down the HDMI to your audio processor of choice.

The Pioneer was hooked up to current Forum favourite, the Onkyo 875 to demonstrate how this could look in your home :). I took some extra time to double the check the back of the units for any signs of cheating but it all looked fair!

....Further updates with images after the break (my flight home from Berlin :thumbsup:)...


Thanks Neil,

Was there much being said about the lack of profile 1.1 offerings?


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Do you know if there'll be other Sony events in addition to the BDA press conference that was already? Earlier some people were guessing a European PS3 price reduction announcement at IFA but no word so far I guess.


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Was there any news on new combined HD/BLURAY players?


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Amazon uk are already taking orders for the samsung BD-UP5000 at £530 post free!


Any info on the Daewoo Profile 2.0 Player?


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This certainly will be interesting, but how come a budget manufacturer comes up with one before Sony or the like do?
Could be a number of reasons...most likely the model is still sometime off - perhaps upto a year (remember the Venturer HD DVD player was shown this time last year).


This certainly will be interesting, but how come a budget manufacturer comes up with one before Sony or the like do ??.. or have i missed something...

They are probably awaiting testing/delivery of the SOC's. We know Profile 2.0 capable chips are due at any time, Daewoo doesn't have any existing BD products to Osborne, unlike most of the other companies ( ie they don't want to stop sales of existing products by pre-announcing a future product that maybe delayed)

BTW, Ventura is a BRITISH company according to TheRegister.

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I can't see how the Daewooo will come this year at all what ever way I look at it. They haven't done the compatibility testing yet for Profile 2.0 from what I understand. It was supposed to be at the same time as 1.1 but wasn't done, and 1.1 through up a 'few issues' and are describing it as 'not fully perfect' but 'impressive progress has been made', they still need to resolve these issues before releases of 1.1 players even. This is more a 'marker' in the sand at this stage I think.

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