IFA 2013: Sony 4K X9 TV to get a software upgrade for HDMI 2.0 compatibility


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84X9000 needs a service call

Sony has confirmed that the currently-available BRAVIA X9 4K LED television is to gain support for the brand-new HDMI Version 2.0 and makes good on a promise.

Quite why they couldn't have explained themselves before and assured customers with something tangible remains a mystery but this is good news for X9 owners.

Available from the end of 2013, an online firmware update future-proofs the the X9, allowing it to display 4K (3840 x 2160) at up to 60p. Until now, the BRAVIA X9 has only been able to handle 4K video at frame rates up to 30p.


The no-cost upgrade will enable the X9 – available in 65” and 55” screen sizes – to receive and display future 4K content up to 60p via a single HDMI cable.

Upgrading the 84X9000 to the latest HDMI Specification Version 2.0 will require service assistance. Sony will begin offering a Service Upgrade Program from the end of 2013.


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So they knew what the physical speed requirements of HDMI2 were and made sure the hardware met those OK. Very sensible, but I agree with you that they were a bit obtuse about what they were going to do. Maybe claiming that they could meet the HDMI2 spec in firmware ahead of the HDMI2 announcement would have given too much away.

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interesting. It's my understanding that any future 4K domestic source will have HDCP2.0 encryption and that this cannot be covered by a firmware upgrade on current hdmi. The only way to do it is with HDMI2.0 chips (hence the service call nature i expect). So it would seem to be more than just a firmware update. Hardware must be changed unless they somehow managed to get hdmi2.0 chips in to all those products.

i wonder what they'll do with the vw1000es. As it stands it needs special timings to accept 4K at 24Hz as it appears it cannot actually cover the bandwidth required of the smpte timings for [email protected] and 30. Will owners of the flagship Sony device be getting hdmi2.0? Any news on that Mark?

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