IFA 2012: Yamaha unveil trio of Soundbars


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Soundbar pioneers, Yamaha, introduce YSP-3300, YSP-4300 and YAS-201.

The YSP-3300, and YSP-4300 build on their already successful lineup in the Soundbar category; using their Intellibeam technology. Intellibeam works by bouncing sound beams around the room, allowing for a simulated 7.1 sound. Both come with a wireless active subwoofer that uses AirWired2 technology, for a ‘lossless, transmission delay free’ experience .

In the box, as well, is a wireless transmission device that will let you send sound from any iOS device or any Mac/PC straight to your Soundbar. The AirWired2 technology has less than 1ms lag, so no lip-synch issues. They also both feature an IR repeater built into the back of the bar, which will repeat any IR signal the Soundbar doesn’t know what to do with, which is an excellent idea given so many TVs are now so low profile. Both soundbars are also wall mountable with an extra wall mount attachment called the SPMK20, available separately.

The YSP-4300 features a USB input on the front which allows you to connect either a USB stick with compatible media to the Soundbar, or use a digital iOS cable to connect your iPhone/iPod or iPad to the front. It also features an FM tuner with a 40 preset memory. Finally, they both have HDMI 4 in/1out, a compressed music enhancer, Univolume technology, 10 of Yamaha’s finest CinemaDSP programs, HD Audio decoding and the bars can be configured in several different ways to your taste.

The YAS-201 works in a completely different way, it utilises technology called Airsurround Xtreme. This uses ‘psycho-acoustic trickery’ to throw the sound from the bar around the room to create a virtual surround experience. The bar comes twinned with a wireless active subwoofer which uses the AirWired2 technology. The iPod dock connector (YITW12) does not come in the box with this Soundbar but it can be bought separately and will work with no strings attached.

The unit comes in gloss black and gloss white and will be available soon!

Prices and availability

YSP3300 - £999.95 - Winter 2012
YSP4300 - £1299.95 - Winter 2012
YAS201 - £349.95 - Winter 2012


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