IFA 2012: Philips 9000 Series TVs

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    Will we see them in the UK?

    Philips announced its new Philips 9000 series of premium Smart TVs comprising two models with screen sizes of 46 and 60 inches, although we're not clear if we'll see them in the UK.

    Based on Philips’ Perfect Pixel HD Engine, both the Philips 46PFL9707 and Philips 60PFL9607 deliver what represents Philips' own cutting edge tech; including Micro Dimming Premium, Flicker Free 3D and a 1200Hz PMR motion picture enhancement. The Philips 46PFL9707 also features an improved version of the Moth Eye Filter, a 'bionic technology'. Both models use the Perfect Pixel HD Engine.


    Micro Dimming Premium and Bright Pro on the 9000 series models are designed to deliver pictures with high contrast. The screens’ direct LED backlight is divided into hundreds of segments, which can each be individually controlled. For those parts of the picture that are showing dark scenes, the LED backlight switches off, while Bright Pro enables a boosted light output for sections of the picture showing bright scenes. The Moth Eye Filter copies the nanostructure found in a moth’s eye to create an efficient anti-reflective screen surface.

    The 9000 series Smart LED TVs come with three-sided Ambilight Spectra XL. The patented Philips technology projects a glow of light from the back of the screen onto the surrounding wall. The colour and brightness of the light are automatically adapted to match the content shown on the TV screens.

    Via the new Smart TV home screen, the 9000 series Smart TVs provide access to a selection of digital content and apps including catch-up TV, access to online video stores, and internet browsing. USB recording enables users to pause the TV program and record digital TV broadcasts directly to a connected USB storage device. The MyRemote App allows users to browse the electronic program guide on a tablet or a smartphone whilst watching TV. Additional remote control features, including the ability to push pictures, videos or music to the TV, turn mobile devices into smart remote controls.

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    Excellent coverage as usual :smashin:

    If not its another backward move from Philips , the other being their decision to stop production of 21:9 sets.

    TV's lower down the pecking order are sold on the back of these premium products, without them Philips runs the risk of losing its brand's status in the UK.

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