IFA 2012: Panasonic announces Kids category for VIERA Connect

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    Further enhancements also detailed

    Panasonic has announced a new category for children as well a number of new apps and improvement to the VIERA Connect platform and Market.

    The Kids Category includes three new applications: Toon Goggles – Cartoons for Kids which offers thousands of 100% kid-safe cartoons; Let's Play with Numbers which is an educational app for pre-school children and Match the Animal which helps educate children in shapes and sounds.


    Also for the second consecutive year, National Geographic Channel (NGC) viewers will have a year-long campaign featuring documentaries on UNESCO world heritage sites. This campaign, The World Heritage Special, results from the renewed collaboration between NGC and Panasonic.

    Airing exclusively on NGC, The World Heritage Special brings to viewers nine brand new programmes of specially-commissioned documentaries ,titled Access 360° World Heritage, for this initiative. The first of these specials, titled Access 360° The Amazon, will feature the role of the world’s largest tropical forest as a crucial conservation site as well as home to multiple endangered species. The other programmes in the series include: Taj Mahal; Kyoto, Statue of Liberty, Kilimanjaro, Cappadocia, Borobudur, Great Barrier Reef and Palace of Versailles.

    Viewers will be able to watch this on the World Heritage Special App which is exclusively available in Viera Connect Market. Viewers can download the App free of charge and it will gradually be available from this October in Japan, the U.S., Europe and other parts of the world.

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