If you were on Mastermind...


... what would your chosen specialist subject be?

Steve N

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Being a market trader (not really)
Anoraks, 1099 to 1999
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Maybe someone here's actually been on it, you never know. One episode I saw had someone doing the life and times of Morrissey and The Smiths of whom I thought I knew a lot about. Reckon I only got two right.

Greg Hook

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Something ridiculously geeky, such as the TV Show Buffy The Vampire Slayer, or Star Trek DS9. :laugh:
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Something ridiculously geeky, such as the TV Show Buffy The Vampire Slayer, or Star Trek DS9. :laugh:

Name a TV show Avery Brooks starred in with LeVar Burton before Star Trek came calling for both actors?

I only know this because I came across it a few days ago. :p


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My chosen subject would be women's wiring. Nobody has a clue about it so it would be difficult to get a question wrong. And even when I'm wrong, I'll still be right :cool:


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WWII Tanks or Aircraft

Earlier this year, the final round on Pointless included the subject 'Aircraft of the Battle of Britain' - I got 7 pointless answer in total.


I'd like to go on as someone like Rowley Birkin QC, yes I can see it now...

MM: Your name?
RB: Rowley Birkin QC
MM: And your occupation?
RB: Retired high court judge
MM: And your chosen specialist subject?
RB: Vintage pornography
MM: You have two minutes on vintage pornography starting... now...
What was the name of the Danish pornographic studio which was founded in Copenhagen in 1967?
RB: Color Climax Corporation
MM: Correct. In which European city was pornstar Cassandra Wild born?
RB: Budapest
MM: Correct. What was the name of the pornographic comic books that started circulation in America in the 1920's?
RB: The Tijuana Bible
MM: Correct. Which Ian Durex... sorry Dury song - that was Knave of me - references a British soft porn magazine?
RB: Razzle In My Pocket
MM: Correct. In what year was American porn producer Ron Jeremy born?
RB: 1953
MM: Correct. How many films are there in the Private Black Label series?
RB: 56
MM: Correct. Which long-running porn film series is producer Marc Dorcel best known for?
RB: Pornochic
MM: Correct. The classic movie 18 holes, filmed on a golf course, was part of which well-known series?
RB: The Matador
MM Correct. And which label produced The Matador?
RB: It's Private
MM: Oh it's okay - you can tell me... oh I see - yes, Private is correct.
How old was Mary Millington when she died?
RB: 33
MM: That's correct. On which label is the classic German film Das Champagner Fruhstuck?
RB: Videorama?
MM: No, it's Puaka.
The Tatiana series on the Private Gold Label were set in which country?
RB: The Ukraine
MM: Correct and so to your final question - why has your hand been down your trousers throughout this round?
RB: I've started so I'll finish

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