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Just received my Vista home premium upgrade disc courtesy of the lovely people at Acer :)
I have both an Acer laptop (1.8 processor 512kb ram) and base unit (Athlon 64x2 1Gb ram). I have 2 dilemma's:confused:

Not sure whether I should upgrade either - both work fine, base unit has WMC already. Really worried that I'll spend a month of Sunday's trying to put right what doesn't work - or am I needlessly worrying and should bite the bullet.

Will I get a significant step up (both in visuals/ performance) or should i just bide my time??

appreciate any constructive thoughts on similar experiences:lease:


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If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

You have your Vista disk (for free) so you can install it whenever you like. When your XP installation gets full up with crap and start running slow (in about 6 months) you might want to do a clean install of Vista.


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If your happy with what you've got then don't upgrade, certainly not on the laptop as 1GB ram is really a starting point for vista.

Also figure out what you actually use on each PC and then carefully research each application and check that it's vista compatible.

I really like vista but you "must" be ready to put up with all the hassles involved with a new O/S, lack of drivers, lack of application support etc.


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Like Stiggy says, theres no time limit on it, do it when you feel Vista is free and clear of driver and application issues.

It won't rust.:D


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The answer is simple:

* Is there Vista drivers for all the hardware in each PC?
* Do you run any software you know definitely does not run on Vista?

Depending on those answers personally I'd give it ago, try it on the spare pc first. A lot of people complaining about Vista are jumping on the bandwagon without even trying it themselves.

So what if Vista has driver issues, that's only of concern to you if you actually own the hardware which doesn't run properly. Check first before assuming it won't work like most. Ultimately (when working) it is better so why not at least see for yourself. Is it needed? Well you can play MP3s and watch DVDs in Windows 2000 (which is as stable as XP) so why even use XP? Answer it's better.


Take an image of the machine you choose to upgrade with Ghost/Acronis or similar first and store on a seperate (external if possible) hard disk. then if/when you install Vista if you decide you don't like it just reload the old image.

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