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If you were going to the US what AVR would you buy with £600?


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Hi All,

I am off to the USA in a couple of weeks (from the UK) and I am planning to purchase an AV Receiver while I am there. My budget/expectations are outlined below.

What I would like to discuss is what AVR I should go for... FYI - I have a Sony 40V3000 HD LCD TV.

- Budget: £600 ($1200)
- upscale/convert analogue output to HDMI
- 7.1 w/ Multiroom
- 100w per chanel should be fine
- Network capability

I really like the denon 3808 but it is a bit expensive in the UK...
I don't like the look of the Onkyo's

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Make sure you do some research before purchasing in the US.
Their mains supply is 110V whereas the UK is 240V.
Unless the power supply in the receiver is compatible with both you'll have to buy a separate transformer.
Also consider that you may be stung for import duty and VAT when you try to bring it back in to the country that could easily add 20% to the cost.
There's also shipping or potentially excess baggage costs to consider and finally warranty issues.
Importing isn't always the bargain it may at first appear.


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have a us 3808, working perfectly off of a transformer(3kw).

can't comment on the import duty.

just be warned, the 3808 is big and heavy, it would be tough to get on as hand luggage i reckon


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Thanks - all good points.

Not sure if I can be bothered with all the hassle now. It is just so annoying seeing the price point of AVRs in the US compared to the UK!

What do you think is the best buy for about £600 here?

There are some new Sony models (e.g. ?920) out in the states. What do you think these will be like?

Is the video upscaling feature I am looking for worth it? After all, no additional information can be created during the upscale/conversion. I am not sure how well my Sony Bravia V3000 does this already.

Thanks again


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Is the video upscaling feature I am looking for worth it?
No, for the reason you give:
After all, no additional information can be created during the upscale/conversion.
Your TV already scales - all HD TVs do. A Sony TV will scale at least as as well as any Sony receiver, and a Sony receiver will scale as well as any comparably priced competitor - this is mere common sense.

In addition to duties and transformers and the complete absence of any warranty, a US receiver omits European functionality such a full support for PAL or RDS. It just isn't worth the aggravation, and I rather doubt you'll end up saving any money.

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