If you had to stack...what would you stack



Hi there

Due to space limitations, I am considering a 5 shelf rack for 6 units, namely

* Amp
* Plasma Receiver
* CD
* Sky+
* Centre Speaker

Which 2 items would stack directly ontop of each other without suffering from heat build up?

My thoughts are possibly the 2 players (CD & DVD), possibly as follows

1-Centre Speaker

2-CD/DVD Players


4-Plasma Receiver


Any other opinions out there?



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Placing the amp at the bottom reminds me that I was going to ask about how much space to leave above an amp. The manual for my Denon suggests leaving 20cm clearance above the amp. This does seem rather impractical though given most people's set up.

I ended up putting it in my TV unit with about 2cm clearance on top, open at back and sides, and haven't noticed any problems.

It's going to be moving to a stand soon, but it's likely that it won't have much more than 5cm above it then.

How much clearance do other folks have, and how important is it really?



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