If you had to replace your Pioneer Plasma...


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...what would you replace it with to be as close as possible to the quality of the Pioneer?

42" or similar sized preferably, not fussed about 3D.


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What model Pioneer? Panasonic plasmas are what you need:) black levels around Kuro8 levels now, VT30 and GT30 are the best sets this year IMO, the Samsung D6900 and D8000 are better in some areas but cant deliver the same black level or out the box colour.


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Looking at sig ... Pioneer PDP 427XD

If not in a rush and a high budget, probably best to wait for the 2012 models and hope that some of the issues with the current models are resolved

But if buying now, yes the VT or GT30 (I am not familiar with the older Pios), also depends what you use the TV for

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