If you had the choice, would you go back to XP?


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Mar 6, 2008
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Personally, I like Vista, and hopefully the remaining major bugs will be fixed in SP2.
I want to see what everyone else thinks and whether you guys still want to revert back to XP or not :thumbsup:
Vista is ok and does have some nice touches but if you run XP on the latest hardware it just blasts along :eek:
i wouldnt, once you get used to vista its really nice.
No , I wouldnt go back , theres too many nice features of Vista that I'd miss.
Exactly my thoughts too, but there are soooooo many people who prefer XP because "it's faster" and "more stable". So far, I haven't had any speed issues with Vista, and I ahven't had any major reliability problems, only had 1 BSoD in the 8 months I've had it.
No. Not one reason to do so.
Speaking of OS's, I just installed Wubi (that thing where you don't have to partition to run Linux) so I could run Linux. I am very impressed. It's so fast, but still, I love Vista!
With Vista 64 bit support around, I would never go back to XP.;)
I wouldnt no, Ive got used to it now and seems to be much faster and stable.
I would never move from XP to Vista (until bugs sorted)
I have my laptop dual booting in to XP and Vista, with XP configured to plug into my works network and Vista configured to plug in to my home network

I find my self taking work home, because Vista is so much nicer to work with than XP

I also have a old socket 939 system that runs Vista with no problems

I have more serious issues comparing Office 2003 and Office 2007

Office 2007 is horrendous!!!!

What were Microsoft thinking:suicide:
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Office 2007 is horrendous!!!!
The interface and the fact that everything isn't where you're used to it being is one thing, but it's the lack of backwards compatibility that really irritated me with Office 2007, requiring yet more downloads and the formatting still not transfering between 2003 and 2007 properly. Grr.

As for Vista vs XP, I'd see no reason to go back to XP. Vista's pretty similar, but it looks better, it's easier to move around in, and the little touches like searching from Start are second nature now - to the extent that their absence from XP is painfully obvious.

I hear people moan about bugs in Vista, but I'm not sure I've come across any, or had any crashes or anything like that. What are these "bugs", exactly?
^^ I was thinking the exact same, I know this was an issue when Vista first came out but surely people cant still be having those problems. The only problem ive ever had was with the Nokia software updater, after changing the properties so thats it was compatible with XP sorted it in a flash.
i am thinking of doing so at the moment
reson being is, that i have alot of films that i stream to my xbox 360 from my pc. while using xp and media player 11, i had no problems what so ever. however when i upgraded to vista, the thing never bloody works. i have even tried tversity to no avail. my main purpose for my pc is games and streaming, i dont need any of the extra features on vista, though they are nice, but i do need my media streaming to work.
I have my laptop dual booting in to XP and Vista, with XP configured to plug into my works network and Vista configured to plug in to my home network
Office 2007 is horrendous!!!!
What were Microsoft thinking:suicide:

I concur. My friend has a new laptop with Office 2007 - I'm pretty knowledgeable about Office products - I have been using them for years.. but with the new interface it took so much time to find options I have virtualy memorised... then the change in file formats .. its really as though Micorosft are saying look why don't you try Open Office rather than 2007 - what have you got to lose.... :suicide:
I can just say expect to hear that you are back with Vista soon, as the saying goes.... Once you had Vista you can never go back:devil:
Will never go back only forward!:devil:
I agree:smashin:
Well , I'm going to try Windows 7 when its released and if my pc goes bluescreen on me once I will go back to Windows95:devil:
Vista's fine, especially X64. The whole anti vista brigade are seeming more and more ignorant.
I had Vista Premium which I loved untill I tried to run 2 Netgear wifi cards on it. Kept losing 1 wireless card on Device Manager and Code 10 no driver, Wgn311 so bought a WPN311 and Vista doesnt like the driver/software just crashes at install. Then doesnt work at 108mbps. I suppose if you buy the perfect hardware for Vista then its fine. Switched to XP Pro and all works fine. They need to get support sorted out and all devices working.
Nope, wouldn't go back:

There was a fascinating recent post on one of the many forums / Blogs I follow. The author posted a statement "from a major corporation" about how they would not be adopting vista service pack one as their OS of choice. It was found to be too slow on their hardware, have incompatability problems with other software and generally unstable.

There followed a tirade of posts about how XP was the best thing since sliced bread, knocked vista on many aspects, blah blah blah.

A day later the author then posted the actual statement. It had originally be made several years earlier about XP service pack 2 - he'd simply substituted Vista SP1 for XP SP2 in the original post to prove his point. Its amazing how quickly people forget what their OS was like.

Don't get me wrong, I have my gripes with Vista, but I had gripes with XP, 2k, NT4, 98, 95 and 3.1. Moving forward is the only way to improve.
Choosing between Vista and XP is like choosing your mistress over your wife.

The mistress is new, exciting and good looking. She does things which makes your eyes water, in a nice way. You feel dirty when you’re with her but you still do it anyway.

The wife is solid, dependable and will raise the fruit of your loins. Nookie happens once a month, if you’re lucky, and is always in the same place and position.

Which would you go for? :D

Oh and I have gone from XP => Vista => XP ... twice, pre and post SP1. Vista with SP1 is very good but I still had problems with slow running and crashing games (TF2 and Supreme Commander).

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