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If you could have any game remade for X1 what would you choose ?

King Tones

Distinguished Member
So it seems the start of this gen is the Gen of Remake & Re-Release with shiny shiny gfx.
I think it’s been great for some but as others have already said, hopefully it won’t just be remake after remake. We need new games and sequels.
But if you had a choice of a few games to be remade with better GFX for the X1 what would you choose ?
For me one game stands out and that is Red Dead Redemption, I am hoping at some point we get a sequel but would it ever live up to the first game for me.
Another game that stands out would be the Gears Trilogy I think that would be stunning.
So what would you choose as a straight up remake for this gen ?

King Tones

Distinguished Member
Half Life for me. Still play it through at least once a year.

Bugger me, I completely forgot about that one. I was just thinking last gen but ofcourse we had The Orange Box. Half Life 1, 2 and Episodes would be amazing along with Half Life 3 yeah ;)

Yeah ignore my suggestions, I would pay a lot of Money for a Half Life remake.

Lostsoul 301281

Distinguished Member
Agreed on Half Life.
1, 2 and the 2 episodes.
Not photo realistic, but just more detailed.

Dead Space trilogy, as long as DS3 got a rewrite and some major changes to the game play so it goes back to a survival horror and not all out action.


Established Member
It's a tough one because it would be quite easy to take a trip down "fond memory" lane but they would not be relevant today e.g Wizball - I loved that game.

I used to love playing Out Runners in the arcade, so maybe a next gen PGR would be a similar game. The Gamecube did some nice remakes of the early Resident Evil games, they could look stunning on the Xbone.

King Tones

Distinguished Member
I'm suprised we have not had an updated Road Rash game to be honest but then how would you do it now.

I would love me some Battletoads also :D

I dont think we will see a new Half Life, maybe its been too long between them.
And maybe would not live upto the Hype.

I Spiritus I

Dead Space Series would be great IMO.

Although it was never on the Xbox, Medal of Honor Allied Assault would be great!

New Start Neil

Distinguished Member
Great thread @King Tones :thumbsup:

I'm not sure there's anything I can think of, that I'd like remade, but being someone that came up through that 'golden age' of gaming during the 90s, I'd really like to see arcade perfect ports of the following:

  • Daytona USA (although I had this on XBLA, so I could play it if I got myself a 360 and re downloaded it!
  • Daytona USA 2
  • Virtua Racing.
  • Sega Rally (1).
  • Virtua Fighter 2.
  • Fighting Vipers 1 & 2 &/or Megamix.
  • Virtua Cop series.
  • Streetfighter II: Special Champion Edition (along with a replica of the original Sega Megadrive 6 button pad!).
I wouldn't object to an HD option, but not forced.


Established Member
All the Half Life games, with a shiny lick of paint leading into Half Life 3 would be ideal :)

Maybe the ages old Star Wars Jedi Knight games.


Distinguished Member
Half life, burnout revenge and takedown, time splitters, dirt 3. Also I would love a full on light gun game light like house of the dead, virtua cop or time crisis.
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King Tones

Distinguished Member
For me GTAV can stay on last gen....

Half Life would be amazing though, thinking of buying the Orange Box again for 360.

Wasn't there rumours for a new Timesplitters game ?

Also House of The Dead would be great, I was hoping with all new shiny Kinect we would get some games like that.


Distinguished Member
Medal of honor allied assault IW made that (jason west and zep) my all time fav game online

Unreal tournament with instagib only :D

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