If you could buy 1 game released september


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What are you going to pick?

1st September -Alan wake
1st -Frontlines Fuel of War
1st -Saints Row
8th -[eM] -eNCHANT arM-
8th -Dead Rising
8th -Madden NFL 07
8th -Test Drive Unlimited
21st -LEGO Star Wars 2
22nd -Just Cause
22nd -NHL 07
22nd -Samurai Warriors 2
22nd -The Godfather
29th -LMA Manager 2007

saints row for me probably, then i'll take it back a month later for pes6!


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Actually don't fancy any of those!, I normally buy quite a lot of games but all those games do nothing for me. Everyone is raving about dead rising but playing the demo I couldn't see what all the fuss is about and news of the rediculous save system made my mind up. Only one I'm not sure about is alan wake, haven't seen enough information about that one.

Just Cause just looks stupid!, man jumping around on a jetfghter I ask you!.


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frontlines fuel of war for me as i love fps games
theres one game you forgot to put on your list (timeshift)
which is also released in september and looks like an excellent fps
that is the game im most interested in next.


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Out of that lot i would have to pick TDU even with the dodgy car handling.


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I have already placed an order for pre order for Dead Rising from a guy on ebay that seems to be always doing it and delivering on time apperantly from feedbacks he recieved. just need 1 game to miss around with for a month until PES6 comes out.


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It will just be nice to go to the gameshop and not have had all the games thats there.:rolleyes:


I remember seeing a trailer for Alan Wake back in January, but other than that i've not really thought about it. I do remember thinking "Ooh that looks good" though


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Saints Row for me if not available then Frontlines and then Just Cause IF the demo is any good.


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Alan Wake (you sure it is the 1st Sept) ???

mind you, play.com have that date. Looked superb in the early trailers, but I've not seen nor heard about this game at all for months. Assumed it would be next year or something. Still, sometimes gems do creep under the radar lol


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Why couldn't they have released half of these games in the last 3 months when we had nothing!?

Indiana Jones

I have had Dead Rising pre-order with Asda since last October so not going to cancel it now plus I just pre-ordered Star Wars Lego 2 as Play are doing it for £29.99 :thumbsup:

I might get Saints Row but want to wait and see if the Asian release is region free as Play-Asia have it for under £24 delivered.


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Dead Rising for me too.

Saints Row could be very good if the online multiplayer works really well.

Although to play SR online I think you'd need to play only people from your friends list as it's sure to be full of iritating American teens yelling to their fellow homies:suicide:


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Saints Row will probably have the most replay time, but Dead Rising looks like too much fun. Have Lego Star Wars on order as well as DR. I don't think you'll have one person here who is just looking forward to one of those games.

Nemesis X2

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It would be Alan Wake, except it won't be out then.


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Dead Rising for me. Would have been Alan Wake but gameplay are stating March 2007 so still some way to go for that one :(


Lego Star Wars for me and play have pre orders for £29.99


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TDU is the only one i'm dabbling with in Sept.


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The only one I am interested in is Dead Rising. I'm thinking about Lego SW2 but not sure if the gameplay will be to kidsy for me. Played the 1st one on the PC and got bored of it quite quickly, though to be fair I didn't give it much of a chance.


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none of them stand out, and i doubt any of them will be fantastic games.

wait for pro evolution 6 at the end of october as that will be fantastic!


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Lego Star Wars if i was given it....

no way i'm paying for games untill they bring out a platinum style range at £20 or £25....sorry but i'd rather buy the games for my PC for around £25 otherwise.....and if they 360 specific releases then i'm not bothered and will wait :)


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Dead Rising form me if I could only have one.

Also have Lego Star Wars on pre-order from Gameplay for £29.99 :clap:

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