If You Compared the 65" Samsung Q85R and the Sony XG95: Which Did You Prefer?


I have the Samsung and I like it a lot, but I have this nagging feeling I should have taken a look at the Sony.

The main issue I seem to find between the two is that the Samsung deals with blooming by lowering contrast/white level to avoid it, which results in a dimmer picture, while the Sony doesn't do this, which means you get a brighter image with white objects against a dark background ... at the cost of visible blooming.

Samsung is brighter overall but the Sony has better contrast. Samsung has over saturated colors while Sony is more color accurate (although some reviewers say it has a pronounced blue shift).

My use is almost entirely PC and PS4Pro gaming with some occasional movie/TV watching.

If you have compared these two sets ... please tell me which you liked better and why?


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From going from an older xe9305 to Q90R... Sony all day long picture wise! The only thing that let's the Sonys down is the android menu.

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