if you carn't find what you want modify somthing else


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i wanted a 9 shelf cabinet for all of my stuff but couldnt find one.
to be layed out like this.


sky + center speaker PS2

VCR switch box DVD player

VCR 2 AMP CD player

i came up with a good solution brought i side board from Argos and just didnt put the doors on or draws in . then cut out 4 new shelves using the existing ones as a template.

exellent well pleased exact size and height and spec i wanted in beech to so it matches all my other furniture


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I've found a nine-shelf unit on the Ikea site for 90 pounds in a beech finish (nice with the Eltax Liberty floorstanders) - looks like six hifi-width slots plus three in the middle (fits the Nokia 221T). What's more, even the better half likes it....


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I would doubt it - 19 inches is just about 48.3cm if my maths is correct, plus space either side for ventilation.... my Marantz 7400 is a good deal bigger than the old Yam RXV620 height-wise and especially front to back (463mm) - my Tosh TV stand cannae take it!!!!


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I have the MAGIKER from ikea and the internal measurment of the outer compartments are 18 inches and the central one's are 9 and half inches with adjustable shelving.
In mine i have dvd,video,cable box on one side and xbox,ps2,pioneer vsx amp on the other,central speaker,dvd's,tapes and remotes in the middle.
Ikea also do a matching tv swivel for ontop which fits my 32 inch tv
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