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if u have a AV28WFT1 tv plz come in ere help needed.

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by goonie007, Mar 27, 2002.

  1. goonie007


    Products Owned:
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    im lookin for any kind person who owns one of the above tv sets and hasnt messed about with any of the secret service menu settings or knows what they were at before hand to plz tell me the defaults for when u press option 4 in the service menu when usin panoramic zoom mode.
    if u dont know how to enter the service menu all u do is press the i + mute button on the remote together then when the menu appears it should auto switch to panoramic if u select option 4 there are 16 different settings that can be altered all im askin is if anyone can list me what these 16 options are set at.


    1.v-shift +0
    2 v-size +0

    etc etc

    any help much appreciated or if anyone knows how to reset the tv to factory settings that would be just as good tia.

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