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Don't like spam recruitments and we're not desperately trying to recruit although numbers did drop thanks to the transition from Xbox to Xbox 360 and I see a few people round here looking for social games rather than competitive games so...

I'm part of a very light hearted Xbox clan that started life as a Scottish only Halo 2 clan although very quickly became UK based (I'm not a Scot!). The original members were all tired of overly-competitive, obnoxious players so formed for regular private games and soon came across like minded groups for friendly matches.

Although we have good relations with many other UK based clans and do play some clan matches the majority of our gaming is amongst ourselves for fun (often drunk fun!). We play every weeknight and most weekends.

We're currently probably 20 to 25 members and have good relations with a dozen other UK based clans. Our favourite games seem to be Call of Duty, Project Gotham, Ghost Recon but we do play more and people are free to arrange what they like.

We have our own site / forum where members banter and organise games daily (who wants to do work?). Please drop by and take a look, perhaps play a few games with us and if you're still interested after that, sign up.


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