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If I was to upgrade my Epson TW100 what would I get. Max price £3500?

LCD or DLP etc etc


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Seen the HT1100 but would rather it be a true 16:9 panel


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You'll find that all the projectors in this price category are basically 4:3 1024 x 768 chips only using 576 lines of the chip. What the NEC offers is a 1024 x 576 16:9 installation mode (which gives you all the functionality of a 16:9 projector) or a 1024 x 768 4:3 installation (for those that prefer), or a 16:9 installation using 1024 x 768 pixels and an anamorphic lens!!

It also gives you a better picture than most of it's competitors regardless of the aspect ratio of it's chip!!!! :clap:

Or there is the Toshiba MT8 (1280 x 720) which is now going for less than 4 grand



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I would disagree with the comment "You'll find that all the projectors in this price category are basically 4:3"

Sim Domino 2? 16:9 DLP 1024x768 for one
Benq 8700 16:9 DLP 1280x720


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Sorry I should have explained myself clearer regarding this price range essentially all being based on 4:3 chips. The Matterhorn Chip (1024 x 576) is essentially the DDR Chip (1024 x 768) just without a whole chunk of lines!

As in the performance is the same (save for a tiny bit of light spill) and the fact that it (the NEC) is 4:3 really shouldn't rule it out because the picture from it is better than most Matterhorn Chip DLPs. Esp given that it can be set into a 16:9 mode and hence behave exactly as a matterhorn chip.


Notice there is no 1024 x 768 chipset - Matterhorn projectors and the HT1100 use the 0.7XGA DDR


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Hi, i have just been reading this thread (thanks for the link to the dlp site BTW) and I am now curious to know what a £3-4000 projector could give me that a £1500 PJ cant???



well at £1500 you are in the middle of lcd territory..... most obvious problem being contrast ratio problems eminating from a raised black level. You additionally have the tendency that lower end projectors use lamps which dont do colors true justice.

Spend a bit more and you will start to get over those problems. I have an ht1100 and have to say the step in contrast ratio between it and one of the projectors in the lower range is absolutely incredible.



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Got to admit that going from a 16:9 projector to a 4:3 'feels' like taking a backward step. However, providing you can install adequate masking to soak-up the light-spill from the unused portion of the DMD chip you are at no disadvantage compared to a 1024x576 projector. In fact, you get the added flexibility of being able to use the additional pixels to position the image like a virtual lens shift.

With a fixed screen the masking issue is easily solved but I can see though how it might be more of a problem with a retractable screen. The amount of light spill is quite low but without masking it might be noticeable on occasions - like particularly dark scenes that are sustained for some time.

Check the throw of the HT1100 though, it's quite short and may not fit your room layout anyway.



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Hi Allan

I was very impressed with the Ht1000 but concerned about light spill and the fack that have an excellent masking system.

Had not thought about the throw


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What about the Tosh MT8. I reckon there's gotta be a few good deals around on this stunning 1280x720 DLP pj with the new MT800 due out very soon. Just a thought :)

Having had both I can tell you it would be a VERY worthy upgrade.


I have the HT1000 and love it.

The 4:3 light spill annoyed me a bit, but the step up from a very similar LCD (LPX500) was massive.

I now have an anamorphic lens for the NEC. So not only have I lost the light spill (it basically makes it a 16:9 projector), I have extra resolution too.

The HT1000 and lens cost me £2350! ;)

There is a 'cheap' nearly new HT1100 in the classifieds. With the rest of your budget get a Prisamasonic lens to go with it.


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