if I get a HTPC will i have to buy a flat panel TV


I was looking at the HTPC's in Comet today. The bloke demonstrating them said I would need a flat panel TV. A CRT would have the wrong resolution, he said. is this correct? Sorry if this is a damn obvious question, but I really do not have much knowledge about these PCs, only satellite recievers!


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You can use a CRT but it is far from ideal as the resolution is so low. It would be OK for opening the media centre in but as for all the other PC programs then forget it.


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i used to use my HTPC with a 21" CRT but that was only for media centre and it looked fine :)

had a seperate monitor for other things though as way too blurrry for internet/word/email


Thanks for the replies!

I'm waiting for the SED screens to come out and get cheaper before i take the plunge to Flat screen because i don't think LCd or plasma are good enough to replace CRT.. Comet and Currys seem to have got rid of all their CRT screens now which is a shame. I'm surprised they sell many flat screens, not everyone can afford £600+ for a 28" LCD. But I think Argos still do them, perhaps i should get one before they disappear!

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