If I connect with s-video will I get picture only ??


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I have a Pioneer DV545 DVD player and Panasonic TX28PB50 TV and I am getting the green/red problems at the top when watching a DVD through RGB Scart.
I am now going to connect with S-Video from the S-Video out on the DVD to AV2 Scart on the Panasonic using an IXOS cable with Scart at one end and S-Video at the other end.

So what I need to know is will this be OK or will I need to run an audio lead from the DVD to the TV also ?
Hopefully not as at the moment they are connected up to my amp.

Thanks in advance.


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I reckon you'll need to run seperate audio leads...

(Sorry brief dinner ready ;) )


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Yes, you will get no sound. You can buy a SCART to S-Video + stereo phono plugs but this will as you say tie up the stereo phono sockets on your DVD player. :(

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