If I buy an SV PB10 subwoofer - what speakers would you recommend?


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I am currently shopping around for a sub/satellite package, however I quite like the SV subs although have never heard any but they keep being recommended on here.

I was looking at the PB-10 for its size as the room I will be using it in is only 2.2m by 5m although it opens out at one end into the Living Room.

I have also considered one of SV's larger subs but am wary of it being overpowering and also the fact that the UK prices are overpriced compared to USA prices as usual ( but I see on these forums that buying from USA might NOT be an option ?? ).

I like the sound of the Monitor Audio Radius 90's and the 180, but do you have any other recommendations for satellite speakers of a similar size that would complement the PB10 or any other of the SV subs ( Radius 90's measure - H 19cm~W 12cm~D 14cm ) they need to be wife friendly you see.

I like the look for the B & W MT30 setup but its £1600 if you use the PV-1 sub, so was really looking for a similar performance for a bit less cash.

I realise that this post might need to be in the speaker section, but I feel that the sub is the important part of the setup here and I still need convincing that SVS is the way to go, I think I can get away with one of the larger SV subs ( needs to be wife friendly too ! ) IF I get it in the right finish to match the flooring ie: Light Oak.



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