If i alter dvd player resololution wont i affect all my screens.


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If i change the settings in my pc for the dvd player t output to my panny projector wont i change all normal resolution settings etc.

The pc i would use is my own one i use for work everyday. If i change settings using powerstrip etc wont it alter everything.

plus what do i need to do to take steps to get the picture onto my panny. Ive got a VGA lead now.


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1: Unplug your monitor VGA lead from the back of the PC.
2: Plug in the VGA lead that goes to your PJ into the VGA socket.
You have now connected the PC to the PJ.
On the PJ, you need to set the input type to PC Auto (sorry, can't find the manual off hand, so can't remember exactly).

Re your query about resolutions, yes, setting the screen res with Powerstrip will alter it for everything, but once you've seen it at the right res, you won't want it any other way.
There is a really good thread here on how to set up Powerstrip and the AE100 - that should get you going.
You can easily change the screen res back to your usual one with Powerstrip for when you're not using the PJ - I think you can even set up hotkeys. Only pain about changing res is that if you have a lot of icons scattered around the desktop, the lower resolution will move them around. Depending on operating system, you could set up a new user for PJ use, and have a nice clean desktop, with the resolution already set right for PJing.

EDIT - one more thing - make sure you have PC Priority set to "WIDE" in the options menu to make sure you get the WIDE480 setting pop up.


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