If Hollywood aged naturally


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Very cleverly done, even if they were rather :eek: looking! :D

Did anyone else notice that the Justin Timberlake one looks exactly like Frank Skinner does now?!


P.S. Even if this is what Angelina Jolie looks like at 70, I'd still like to have her as my Nan! Heck, even kissing her in that condition, wouldn't ba anywhere near as rotten as kissing other elderly relatives on the cheek! :rotfl:


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Yeah yuk looking like that :eek:

But then they wouldn't be wearing those clothes, or make up or have their hair the same so they wouldn't look quite as bad. And how old are they meant to be?? If I looked like Angelina Jolie does in that picture at 70 then I wouldn't be too bothered!! Have you looked at the OAPs down your local co-op recently?? Bet they're a hell of a lot worse than that!!!!

With maybe the exception of Christina :D


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Dr Diversity said:
Why would anybody fake these pictures :eek:
A worrying...um curiosity

Whats the word I mean? Like vice

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