IEM Replacement Cables?


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Hi everyone,

My Heir cable is developing a fault. I'm looking to buy a replacement cable but struggling to find any in the UK and want to try and avoid massive shipping charges and potentially custom charges too.

I've only got the basic lead for the, anyone know where I can get a basic IEM cable to suit these, under £70? Ideally in the UK?



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Hi Steven,

Thanks for these. I wasn't aware these were 'standard' 2 pins :confused:

Do you know if this 2 pin used on the heir IEMs has a 'standard' name? I'm looking around and 'Weston' seems to come up a bit, but don't think that's a standard?

It's not recessed, the ones I've got are ones you've reviewed, the images of them are here:
Looks like the first few pictures, with the wooden effect.

If i can figure out what they're called it may open up to more buying options i guess.



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It is just a commonly used 2-pin connector to the earpieces. You will hear people associate it with Westone to reflect how long they have been around.

Anyone with soldering skills and time can make their own cable. EBay or headphone cable manufacturers will stock parts

All connector have their pro and cons. With the 2 pin care is to be given to avoid bending the pins - or worst snapping them off whilst inserted into an earpiece :eek:

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