IEC power lead to IEC Class 1 adapter or IEC Class 1 3m+ lead?

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    I have just recently upgraded my projector from an Infocus X1 to SanyoZ4. For my X1 I ran the power cable (IEC standard lead) from the plug socket through plaster wall into the attic, up the wall (attic side) and back into the room sticking out to the location of where my projector mount sits. All well and good for this power cable but now the Z4 is a totaly different type of power connection (IEC Class 1 Cloverleaf plug)

    At the mo im just running the cable loose (stretched) up to it untill I find the solution to my problem...

    I can't for the life of me find anyone that does an adpater that coverts a standard IEC (Kettle lead) power cable into a IEC Class 1 (Cloverleaf) socket so I can just plug this in to the cable sticking out the wall and then into my Z4. Anyone know if anyone does such a thing?

    An alternative would be to buy a long enough IEC Class 1 (Cloverleaf) lead to do the same job I did a few years ago, but again I cant for the life of me find a supplier (in UK) that sells no bigger than 2m leads, I need around 2.5m or 3m to be able to run the lead round the back of the plaster board again.

    IEC Cable

    to covert to

    IEC Class 1 socket

    Any help here would be most appreciated. Thanks.
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    See the C14 to C5 adapter here

    Not sure what their trading terms are but there's a contact details page.

    Alternatively, long adapter cable available here

    Hope this helps :)

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