ie800 vs Westone UMpro? vs Shure ? Can anyone help?


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Hi all.

I'm looking for in ears for my iPhone. I have to admit to a very wide range of musical tastes so that may not help. I once had some weston 3's and enjoyed their sound but I have no other experience and want to spend my money with care. I like to listen in bed so comfortable wear is important. I do like a wide soundstage and perhaps not compete neutrality. Maybe spend around £200-400ish.

Any owner reviews would be appreciated.


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Are you looking at second hand or grey imports? Unaware of an IE800 for that cheap. With that said, going second hand can nab you a saving. Just buy new tips for hygiene reasons and verify the original place of purchase.

If you want to buy new check out my review of the RHA T20 as it sells on Amazon for £179. Caveats:
- I am a happy Shure SE846 owner and got no benefit from RHA, other than being chosen for the UK tour
- As a non owner I cannot comment on RHA long term build quality

I do have a personal preference for iem with removable cables having owned many an earphone over the last decade so there is that against the T20


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Here's list for you to browse from, In-Ear Earphone Review List (IEM) | The Headphone List

The best priced a custom molded IEM is the Custom Art Music One, probably around £150, shouldn't be any import charges since it's from Poland. Thoug there is the hassles of sending off ear molds, but that's the price to pay for good fitting earphones. So that fits your requirement for comfort, and sound quality is unquestionably good if you look around at the reviews.

I'll probably get the Custom Art once I get tired of my current IEM, the Etymotic ER4S. I got it for around £130 last year from, though I don't think you can find for that price anymore. If you want my review of the ER4S, the sound is very clean, neutral and detailed. A great IEM all round, especially for noise isolation. Comfort not a problem as they're are a variety of foam tips that fit it. The downsides are the micro-phonics, had to replace the cable with a custom one since it was so annoying, could it hear it against my clothes most of the time - though it is remedied my wearing the wire over ear but that looks terrible and when moving about it just goes back to its normal anyways.


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Take a look at some of the Audiofly models. I've recently bought some AF180s (I posted a mini-review / bargain here a month or so ago).

Coming from some Shure 425s to these is a large step up. They dig deeper, have a similar midrange but have a bit more upper treble sparkle that the Shure's lack making them better balanced. They are also much more comfortable to wear.



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Thanks everyone. I've not heard of any of these models so I've a bit of reading to do! My thoughts are to buy new. Custom ear mounds do sound good. Who would take the mound to send off?


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Get yourself to an audiologist. Find one with experience with iem and not just hearing aids. Some manufacturers have a preferred list of audiologists. Important: study manufacturer instructions on how impressions are to be taken and make sure the audiologist knows the requirements.

Note that even with the best precautions a custom iem may still need refitting and of course have less or no resale value (depending on if the manufacturer offer refits for a new owner)

I have found the westone star and tru fit tips to be excellent with my shure and better than stock or comply.

You can also get custom tips for universal models. Good halfway house to find out your tolerance before going all in for full customs

I own Snug custom tips for my shure. Good isolation and comfort but bigger physical size

If you have access we are now starting to be on the brink of 3d scanning replacing taking physical moulds. My snug tips were taken with a 3D scanner


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Thanks for that advice. I did have Westone 3s before they were nicked. I must say that the buds were great and isolation good. Only dealt that the over ear on that twisted cord was awkward.


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Memory wire is there for strain relief but it does pull an earpiece away from the ear. May affect glasses wearers depending on the design of the frame arms. I always go aftermarket for memory wire free. Currently rocking Linum cable (+ cable tidy for storage as it tangles otherwise)

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