IDTV (32-37") with Decent GUI and IQ on Freeview?


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Hi there,

I have been browsing the forum a bit and find it hard to find an answer.

I have recently used my mums IDTV Samsung 32" LE32R41 (or something like that) and found it quite impressive for freeview playback, quite clear not blocky and not too blurry, the only downside I could see with it was colour representation was a bit iffy with pictures moving towards blue and I didn't really like the GUI, specifically because I can't seem to delete channels from EPG and had to access menu to chnage zoom modes rather than on a button (if I have missed method of doing this let me know :) ) another issue with it was in darker scenes it could be quite hard to pick out detail like a cheap PC LCD might respond though obviously these things aren't cheap.

So my question is with a budget of £1500 (though if the TV is perfect budget could go out the window, well upto £3k) whats the largest TV I could get with decent Freeview playback (I won't pay any more to watch tv than my tv license so will probably never have a HD source but want a bigger screen for DVD/TV and games) good response in dark regions, a Gui that can delete channels plus chnage widescreen modes with 1 button on the remote.

I have looked at a few Tvs between 32-37" and they were blocky, grainy with a lot of noise, not a patch on the Samsung my Mum has, I appreciate that the freeview source may not be the best but its all I have got.

I have no preference to what I buy LCD/Plasma or manufacturer but I have to run a PC on it and get good freeview.

What are the best options? I current use a 28" Sony KD28DX51 IDTV and its been great but the PC through S-video is rubbish for text.

Thanks for your input.


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Sony freeview is about the best GUI imo. Also the colours are very good is you spend some time setting them up. I run VGA from PC with a 1:1 pixel mapping and text is very readable. LCD though..... most makes have stopped making CRT.... can you still buy anything but a old model Sony CRT?


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Cheers, I am after an LCD too, sorry if that wasn't clear, I want it to be big, good at freeview and decent for PC use, I assumed 1:1 mapping was a given with LCDTVs is this not the case?
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