Idle hands on a panny PWD5


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So, go outside to repair storm damage and come in to find my 2y6m old daughter has decided it would be rather amusing to take her crayons and doodle on the screen of my PWD5.

The wax seems to have marked the screen. Can't see it under viewing conditions, only when unit is off and reflections just right (so yes I need to press my head to the carpet to see the marks).

Having said that, I want rid of the crayon marks. Suggestions?

(Have tried hot water with detergent and glass cleaner.)


be very careful...... crayon will by nature be resistant to anything water based..... you might do better with an oil based cleaner but be careful what you try doesnt have something like butyl oxitol in it else you will run the rish of starting to dissolve the screen.

This might sound a hassle, but the easiest way may be without chemical and simply keep polishing it.



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Advice taken. Have just given the screen a thorough 'rinse' to ensure nothing nasty left behind from the cleaner I used earlier....



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gets crayon off glass so my cleaner girlfriend tells me*

*she also says she 'doesnt clean the plasma' but somebody does and it aint me



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Isopropyl alcohol (propanol) is a good reasonably gentle solvent.
(Head cleaning fluid for vcrs is usually propanol , you might have some knocking about)

I've used windolene to get crayon off my CRT tv but I'd hesitate to use it on the plastic front of my panny plasma. Little bit on a piece of towel would probably be ok though.


the solvents in window cleaner should do the trick as well as IPA..... this is one thing you need to beware of though, it will likely leave a scum so polish well!


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Please contact Panasonic Tech support for advice on this one.

The main man at Panasonic Tech support in the UK has advised that where a clean damp cloth fails to shift a stubborn mark you can safely use the following AF Screen-Clene cleaning products - you'll have seen them in blue boxes, sachets and tubs in the PC stores.

SCR020 DUO twin sachets (the best option)
SCR100T Tub*
SCR025P Pack *

*Must be used with a soft clean cloth.

For more info look here -




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Sounds good.

Had a look around for the AF products. Anyone know where I can get them without paying £10 delivery from the net or even better a chain which supplies them?




ColinII, how did it go with "The wax seems to have marked the screen?"

My 2 year old daughter did the exactly same thing for one hour ago and
nothing seems to work with water/detergent and glass cleaner.
Did you use Panasonics recommendations ?

Mayby I try that. My new Panny PA30 is crying. And I too. :eek:


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...claim on the home insurance coming, new pw7 plasma ;)

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AF Screen-clene really is the BEST stuff. They come in their distinctive blue and silver packaging.

If you ever want to clean your screens/monitors this stuff is the best. Pro-stuff. Most office suppliers should sell it...I never buy it, a can or a box goes missing from the office occasionally, oops :blush:

Failing that use IPA and a soft lint free cloth, something like a camera lens cleaning cloth. Do not use tissues as these can be abrasive against the screen and may leave fine scratches/swirls.


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The AF Screen-Clean Duo definetly did the trick. I regularly use two sachets of wet/dry to keep the screen looking good.

So don't despair....



Thanks for the answers. I will try to find similiar product (Sweden),
AF Screen-Clean Duo, and try to get rid of the wax on the surface.

After only 8 days of owning this outstanding PlasmaTV,
my blood frozen when my daughter was standing in front
of the screen and painting on it.

She only touch CRTTV-screens before with the hands.
Now with the Plasma I maybe have to put it on the wall.
She is crazy about the picture ;)

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