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Ickle Yoda1

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I have just signed up for my 60 day dot mac trial and had a question about idisk.

When I first opened it by going through a browser and logging into my account I saw all the catergories, i.e. pictures, music etc.

Now when I login through the .mac website there is nothing there. I can open my idisk via the finder and see things there and move them about etc but when I try and look at these docs online via the mac it doesn't show anything.

Likewise I put photos in the public folder but when I try logging in on another pc it shows a blank idisk screen. Any ideas of what I am doing wrong people?


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Have you synced your idisk in system prefs on your mac?

When i log into .mac via a browser it works fine. I copied a file on my mac to the mounted idisk drive, and on the web browser idisk window hit reload (in safari) and showed the file.

Ickle Yoda1

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thanks for that, I tried it and it worked fine, I am going to watch the tutorial vids to get the hang of it. One thing that I still don't understand though is if I go into my idisk via a browser and select and folder and try and upload the photo it uploads the photo fine but doesn't place it in a folder. Instead it adds it as a seperate thing. How do I upload images to the pctures or public folder through a browser?

Another question about .mac memberships. how big can your website be? I created a quick one with photos and videos on it no problem but wondered what the max size is?

Last question for the night as well, how do you use idisk to send attachments to people that they can download?

Thanks for any help!

Ickle Yoda1

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Cheers Rob, was unsur about taking a .mac subscription but I like how its all working so far.


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I'm a big fan of .Mac - It isn't the cheapest solution but it's very cool. And painfully easy to use all it's features. The new one-click upload from iPhoto '08 to .Mac is brilliant!

Ickle Yoda1

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yeah it seems expensive considering what I would be using it for but its simple to use and would save a lot of hassle and time for doing things, like sharing photos.

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